Additional costs and optional extras related to undergraduate law courses

The core textbooks for all law modules and the main law reference materials are available in the dedicated Faculty Law Library. DMU subscribes to the services of Westlaw UK, LexisLibrary and Family Law Online which provide online access to all essential course materials such as cases, legislation, legal commentary and selected journals. Some students like to purchase their own copies of textbooks or other published materials. We suggest allowing up to £200 per year if you wish to purchase new textbooks, less for second hand copies.

Optional extras

There are no compulsory placements or trips associated with this programme, however, you will have the option of participating in DMUGlobal trips either as part of some of the modules or as an extra-curricular activity. These trips are subsidised by the university and the cost and the subsidy varies by location.

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All Business and Law students have the opportunity to take a paid placement year in industry before their final year. Placements are full-time jobs and are available in a wide variety of sectors include private, public and not-for profit. Over 90% of employers will pay between £12,000 and £26,000. The average for placements is around £14,000 outside of London.

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