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Sound, Sight, Space and Play Postgraduate Conference 2009

SSSP 2009 logo “Sound, Sight, Space and Play 2009” was an international student postgraduate conference hosted at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre.

It was organised by students for students who are interested in electroacoustic music and sonic arts. The conference chairs were Andrew Hill and Motje Wolf.

Some conference papers are available in PDF format via the links below (Motje Wolf, Editor).

The 2009 conference was made possible in part by the support of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and De Montfort University's Center for Excellence in Performance Arts.

Selected Papers (PDF format)

Abstract Book

Stan Wijnans (UK)
A Choreography of a Spatial Sonic Disembodiment Development of the Three Dimensional Data Interpreting Methodology (3DIM) 

Marcus Leadley (UK)
Language of aural space

Patrick Valiquet (NL)
There will always be you: experiences with Wave Field at Stichting Game of Life

Eoin Smith (EIRE)
Turntable and Computer Composition

Phivos-Angelos Kollias (FR)
Applications of systemic principles in music composition

Motje Wolf (UK)
Thinking about noise

Frank Hilpert (GER)
Remixed, Recomposed, Rhizomed

Shrinkhla Sahai (IN)
Exploring a theatre of sounds

María Andueza (ESP)
Site-specific Sound installations in the urban environment

Anke Eckardt (GER)
Vertical Hearing

Andrea Santini (UK)
Venusia (talk)

Neal Spowage (UK)
Sound Canvas [Version 1.0]