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Music Without Walls? Music Without Instruments?

Proceedings of the International Conference
21-23 June 2001, De Montfort University

Leigh Landy
Conference Welcome

Marc Aird
Towards Material Modelling in Physical Models Using Digital Waveguides

Michael Casey
Musical Applications of MPEG-7 Audio

Nick Collins
Algorithmic Composition Methods for Breakbeat Science

Darren Copeland
The Audience in the Centre: Diffusion Practice at Sound Travels

Leon W. Couch
Introducing Electronic Music in Undergraduate Music Theory: Pedagogy and Theory

John Dack
At the Limits of Schaeffer's TARTYP

Palle Dahlstedt
A MutaSynth in Parameter Space: Interactive Composition Through Evolution

Palle Dahlstedt
Creating and Exploring the Huge Space Called Sound:Interactive Evolution as a Composition Tool

Richard Dobson
A Prototype Real-time Plugin Framework for the Phase Vocoder

John Levack Drever
The Sublime in Acousmatic Music: Listening to the Unpresentable

Ulrich D. Einbrodt
"Welcome to the Machine" - Pop Songs out of the Computer: The Era of PC-Musicians

Simon Emmerson
New Spaces / New Places: A Sound House for the Performance of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art

Archer Endrich
The Workshop of Art : Towards a Dynamic and Open Way of Thinking about Form in Music

Steve Everett
Logics of Value for Digital Music

Nick Fells
Without Walls

Giselle Martins dos Santos Ferreira
When Art, Science and Technology Meet: The Strength, the Dilemma or the Curse of Electroacoustic Music?

John Ffitch
Creating a Computer-Assistant for Performance

James Harley
Embracing Multimedia for Value-Added Marketing: Electroacoustic Music Presented via Enhanced CD

Andrew Hugill
Some Issues in the Creation of Music Online

Leigh Landy
From Algorithmic Jukeboxes to Zero-Time Synthesis, A Potential A-Z of Music in Tomorrow's World

Alex McLean
Hacking Sound in Context

Mladen Milicevic
Cyberspace Memes

Dennis Miller
Vision Statement

Adrian Moore
Sound Diffusion and Performance: New Methods - New Music

Stephan Moore
KromoZone: A Platform for Networked Multimedia Performance

Rosemary Mountain
Caveats from a Dyed-in-the-Wool Futurist

Kia Ng
Augmented Stages for Installation-Arts and Performance

Derek Pierce
On Composing "This Gospel Train is Pulled by Steam"

Richard Polfreman
FrameWorks: A Structural Composition Tool

John Richards
New Modality: Sonic Magnification

Lisiunia A. Romanienka
Synthesizers and Other Hybrid Electronica within the Socially Embedded Context of Techno Music

Paul Rudy
Separation Anxiety: Metaphoric Transmutations from a Paradoxical Biological Instrument or: What is a Cactus Doing in our Concert Hall?

Scott Smallwood
Polyrhythmic Texture Derivations of Time-Lapsed Field Recordings

Martin Spain
Interpolator: A Two-dimensional Graphical Interpolation System for the Simultaneous Control of Digital Signal by Processing Parameters

Christian Spevak
Sound Spotting – An Approach to Content-based Sound Retrieval

Bob L. Sturm
Composing for an Ensemble of Atoms: The Metamorphosis of Scientific Experiment into Music

Fred J. Szymanski
Recursive Time Modeling in "Retentions 1 - 4"

Dante Tanzi
Music Negotiation: Routes in User-based Description of Music

Robb Wright
Towards a New Language For Visual Music

John Young
Sju ... Who?

John P. Young
Networked Music: Bridging Real and Virtual Space