Services in Leicester

Several different services are available for individuals who suffer from COPD or Asthma in Leicester.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The programme is suitable for individuals with a respiratory disease such as COPD or asthma. The programme aims to educate sufferers about their condition while teaching them successful exercise techniques to be able to carry on with their daily routines, while successfully monitoring and controlling their condition. 

Each patient has an individually tailored programme to meet their needs and requirements to help control their condition.  By combining education and exercise the programme allows individuals to gain a further understanding of their condition and symptoms a long with life style changes which may be needed.  The programme helps to reduce breathlessness, improve general health and fitness so that sufferers can carry on living their daily lives and routines without their condition being an obstacle.  Furthermore, the programme aims to improve confidence levels and increase the quality of life of respiratory health condition sufferers.

Further information on the Pulmonary Respiratory condition.

Respiratory Early Discharge Scheme

The respiratory early discharge scheme is aimed at COPD sufferers and aims to speed up the discharge of COPD patients when admitted into hospital.  Respiratory nurses help patients to settle back into their homes and lives. After being discharged from hospital, patients are visited at home for up to a week.

Further support is also provided for patients who have been newly diagnosed or are regularly being re-admitted to hospital.

Further information on the Respiratory Early Discharge Scheme.

Leicester Cough Clinic

The Leicester Cough Clinic is a specialist cough clinic based in Glenfield Hospital. The hospital provides several different diagnostic and treatment options for individuals suffering from chronic cough, and works based on a referral system. Specialists for the clinic involve ear, nose and throat surgeons, radiologists, lung function technicians and a specialist chest physiotherapist.

A cough can be said to be chronic if it has been present for a period of 8 weeks or longer, and is found to impact mostly women aged between 45-55.  Symptoms include having a dry cough which can result in an irritated throat often triggered by fumes, changes in temperature or laughing. The root of the problem is normally a heightened coughing reflex which can be due to various reasons.  

Tests will be run as seen appropriate; tests likely to be carried out include breathing tests, blood tests, questionnaire surveys and x-rays.  If further tests are required, specialised tests include test of airway responsiveness, which will test the ‘twitchiness’ of your airways.  A test of airway inflammation or a test of cough frequency, which is carried out by analysing a recording of the patient.

British Lung Foundation- Breathe Easy 

Breathe Easy takes place at The Education Centre at Glenfield Hospital every third Wednesday of the month between 2pm and 4pm.

It is a support group for individual who have found themselves affected by respiratory conditions such as COPD or asthma. The support group is open for sufferers as well as their friends, families and carers. The group aims hold events and sessions where those affected by respiratory conditions can socialise and interact with other sufferers like themselves. The support group also plans and carries out day trips to various locations.