Psychology and technology

This interdisciplinary cluster researches the psychological processes underlying the application of modern technology on the lives of people including Internet behaviour.


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PhD students/postdoctoral researchers: 

  • Lucas Donato, Brazil


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Selected outputs

Promoting Active Ageing in Older People
Enhancing wellbeing in the areas of social inclusion, cognition, healthy eating and exercise through gamification and serious games

€215,840 from EU Commission

2013-2016 DMU (PI Mark Scase, CI Simon Coupland).  DMU is one of 11 partners in a consortium led from CNR in Pisa, Italy

Cognition and Cyber Activities
Information processing of online content. How people process content; Online search strategies; The use of heuristics; Coping with degraded connections

2013 £33,499 from DSTL

PI Lee Hadlington, CI Mark Scase and Alison Attrill

User Reactions to Failures and Frustrations Within Cyber Environments
How people behave when faced with:

IT failures, Cyber attacks, Viruses, Trojans, Social Engineering, Online deception, Do people learn from mistakes? Does training help?

2013-2014 £20,434 from DSTL

PI Mark Scase, CI Jess Hall and Alison Attrill

Video Communication Online
Is video communication and interaction becoming more common? What are the psychological reactions to video communication? Does video interaction attract or deter people to dating web sites?

2013-2014 £32,335 from DSTL

PI Alison Attrill, CI Roshan Rai and Monica Whitty (Leicester University)

Gaze Tracking and Web Browsing
Eye movements whilst surfing the web. How advertising and pop‐ups can capture attention

2013-2014 £19,194 from RCIF2

PI Howell Istance, CI Mark Scase

Audio Tactile Maps
Helping blind people navigate through space with touch sensitive maps

2014-2015 £15,553 HEIF

PI Lorenzo Picinali, CI Mark Scase

Sensory Substitution
Enhancing the sensory experience in people with hearing loss by substituting sound with visual stimuli.

2014-2015 2 DMU Graduate Champions

PI Lorenzo Picinali, CI Mark Scase

Exploring the Use of Gamification in a Cybersecurity Context

£35,000 from Airbus UK

PI Lee Hadlington

Experimental Design for Human Factors in Virtual Cyber Centre of Operations

£12,000 from Airbus UK

PI Lee Hadlington

Attitudes and Susceptibility to Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

£48,370 from EMPAC (East Midlands Police Academic Collaboration)

PI Lee Hadlington