Doctoral Training Programmes Health and Life Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Doctoral Training Programmes (DTPs) support the professional development of all postgraduate research (PGR) students, regardless of discipline or subject area. Our innovative range of DTPs allow the student to develop research skills and successfully complete a PhD by providing a defined and high quality programme of research training, placement and teaching opportunities; as well as providing a research community, access networksand a range of skills which will enhance your employability in the academic world and in the broader Health and Life Sciences sector worldwide. We aim to provide an excellent overall experience and environment for our research students.

Although aligned with particular subject areas and disciplines, our DTPs are interdisciplinary in orientation, and help you to realise the potential for collaboration inherent in your research projects. The majority of our Faculty PGR students are studying for a PhD and enter one of two Doctoral Training Programmes: Applied Social Sciences; and Bioanalysis, Pharmaceuticals and Health - each of which have four pathways:

Applied Social Sciences Doctoral Training Programme:

  • Applied Health
  • Crime and Justice
  • Ethnicity and Diversity
  • Social Work and Social Justice

 Bioanalysis, Pharmaceuticals and Health Doctoral Training Programme:

  • Advanced Bioanalytical Science
  • Biomedical and Environmental Science
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Technologies