Particle characterisation and sizing

We have a wealth of expertise in particle characterisation, sizing and shape monitoring. We have pioneered the development of an enhanced particle sizer measurement tool currently suitable for off-line analysis and will soon offer critical on-line assessment of particles during production primarily for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

On-line measurement of solid particle size is vital for reliable control of product properties. Our patented instrument is capable of making measurements routinely and rapidly within industrial production environments, avoiding the main limitations of conventional particle sizing methods and offering reduced waste during processing. The equipment can monitor the evolution of crystal growth during crystallisation, the key process used in the manufacture of active ingredients.

The equipment presents a number of critical commercial advantages for businesses ranging from pharmaceuticals to food, ensuring quality and performance, cutting waste and cost and reducing time to market.

In the food and drink sector, this technology also offers manufacturers the opportunity to use particle size control to improve product quality in items such as chocolate, cheese and milk.

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