Novel Powder Flow technology for Continuous Manufacturing in the Production of Tablets

Description This PhD project will research the use of a novel approach to powder flow measurements being developed currently at De Montfort University. The experimental work will involve the preparation of powders and powder blends (controlling the particle size, moisture content, electrostatics etc.) and to investigate the inter-relationships between the properties of the powder/blend and the flow properties. Powder flow will be characterised by a range of standard techniques (inc. flow through an orifice, tapped density etc.) and by using a gravimetric sensor for detailed analysis of the flow rate. The data generated will then be used to investigate and calibrate the new sensor being developed by DMU. It is expected that the new sensor will be used within a production line inside a powder dosing valve (for industrial applications in the production of tablets). To this end we are working with two companies to ensure that the project is steered appropriately towards a real-world industrial application. There will be opportunities to work with these companies and to visit their places of business in order to cement our working relationships with them. Our novel technology would provide significant advantage by providing control at critical points in the production cycle (e.g. the in-feed of powders to blenders and granulators, the output from dry granualtors, mills and microniser, and the dosing of granules on the tablet press). Currently, there are no systems to achieve feedback control of these processes.

For further information contact:

Prof Geoff Smith

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