Interdisciplinary Domestic Violence Conference 2013

Working together: challenges for community and legal professionals

Speakers included
  Rosa Logar  Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE)
  Mandy Burton  University of Leicester
  Siobhan Blake  Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

  Mark Parish  Leicestershire & Rutland Police

  Caroline Freeman  The Jenkins Centre
  Gudren Burnet  The Peabody Housing Association

  Jo Costello  Ending Victimisation and Blame
  Satya Minhas  Hindu Council UK
Hosted at Leicester De Montfort Law School De Montfort University 

Monday, December 16th 2013  

Twitter: @IDVC2013 (#IDVC2013DMU)

This event was organised by Sarah Hilder and Vanessa Bettinson

A full conference report can be found here.