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Arts, Design and Humanities Ethics Procedures

As COVID restrictions have been lifted in the UK, the university has provided further guidance on face-to-face research.

For the time being all face-to-face research (involving participants) will require research ethics approval. Applications for research involving face-to-face interactions for the purpose of the study, where it is clear that they are safe and necessary, will continue to be considered. Ethics approval is subject to researchers adhering to all UK government and other relevant governments guidelines, (if the research is to be carried out in another country) and the university guidelines (e.g. continued wearing of face masks in enclosed spaces etc.). 

For Taught Student (UG/PGT) Research Projects (BA, BSc, MA, MArch, MSc), please check with the relevant Module Leader if face-to-face research activity for UG/PGT projects is necessary.  These can only start when permission has been granted, both in terms of ethics review and the relevant risk assessments.

An ethics application to conduct face-to-face research must be supported by:

  • Confirmation in the ethics application that the proposed activities are permissible in line with government guidelines, with plans to either suspend or amend the research should UK/other relevant government guidelines change (which could happen with ‘no’ notice); 
  • A completed ‘Face-to-Face Research Risk Assessment Form’ (see form below) which is also available on Worktribe in the Help Menu>Document Repository (for staff and PGR student applicants) 

Following ethics approval, where relevant, a health and safety risk assessment must be completed. It should cover the proposed activities, risk to researchers and participants.

New ethics applications for staff and PGR students that entail face-to-face research should continue to be submitted through Worktribe. The mitigations for face to face, as detailed above, must be made clear in the application form and the necessary evidence and documentation uploaded.

If you are looking to restart research that has been paused due to COVID, or want to amend an existing ethics application (completed on the old paper form) to include face-to-face research, please submit the COVID Study Restart Form below to your Faculty Research Ethics Committee at, referring to the initial ethics application made. 

(Re)starting Face to Face Research - Risk Assessment Form

New Study with Face-to-Face Research - Risk Assessment Form

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  1. Undergraduate and taught postgraduate (BA, BSc, MA, MArch, MSc) ethics application forms and procedures
  2. Postgraduate research students (MPhil, PhD) and academic staff ethics application forms and procedures
  3. Faculty supporting document templates for all study levels
  4. Contact
  5. ADH Ethics Blackboard

All ADH faculty staff and students who wish to undertake research (academic or commercial) must apply for ethical approval before commencing with their research. Participant data collection may not begin until the correct ethics approval procedures have been completed and written authorisation of the proposed study has been obtained.

To obtain ethics approval please ensure that the study-appropriate procedures are followed (as detailed below). 

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate (BA, BSc, MA, MArch, MSc) ethics application forms and procedures

Taught Student Process Flow Chart

Taught Student Ethics Application Form

Taught Ethics Sample Application Form

Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate taught (PGT) research ethics applications will continue to be managed through the current offline Faculty Ethics process via the relevant School review panels (see Taught Student Flow Chart for details). It is anticipated that UG and PGT applications will move to the new Worktribe ethics system later in the year (2021).

Postgraduate research students (MPhil, PhD) and academic staff ethics application forms and procedures

As of 30 March 2021, all staff and postgraduate research (PGR) new research ethics applications will need to be submitted using the new Worktribe Ethics system. You will be able to access the Worktribe ethics system at using your DMU single sign-on details.

Links to university Worktribe ethics training videos and user guides are available on the ‘Help’ tab on the menu bar within the Worktribe system.

Please look out for details of future drop-in sessions where you will be able to ask questions or view a demonstration of the Worktribe system.

Faculty supporting document templates for all study levels

Participant Information Sheet

Participant Consent Form

Parent Guardian Consent Form

DMU Guidance

DMU policies and external requirements


For Taught Student (BA, BSc, MA, MArch, MSc) ethics submission queries please contact the relevant school specific inboxes:

School of Humanities and Performing Arts
School of Art, Design & Architecture
School of Fashion and Textiles

For Postgraduate Research Student (MPhil, PhD) and academic staff ethics submission queries please contact the PGR and academic staff inbox:

For Worktribe system related enquiries please contact :

Faculty Ethics Committee Chair

Dr Keith Scott
Faculty Head of Research Ethics
Chair of ADH Research Ethics Committee

Deputy Faculty Ethics Committee Chair

Dr Lyndsey Bakewell

ADH Ethics Blackboard

Access to ADH Ethics information is available to all faculty staff and students through the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities Blackboard community page.