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Organise a virtual event

Organising your own virtual event can be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. You could send invitations, build your own playlist or cook your favourite meal for a virtual dinner party.

Host your own Virtual Murder Mystery Party


How to Guide for Success:

  1. Set up a group amongst your friends – we suggest 6-20 people.
  2. Pick a date and time to host your virtual party and solve the crime!  
  3. Select the theme for your Virtual Murder Mystery. Either get your creative juices flowing by writing the script and character profiles yourself, or purchase an online package from one of the many online platforms.
  4. Decide if you want to host this as a Murder Mystery, or if you want to combine it as a Virtual Dinner Party and Murder Mystery.
  5. If the latter, why not pick food around the theme of the mystery you’re trying to solve? Send out recipes to your Dinner Party guests to prepare in advance!
  6. Set up a virtual call for the big event.
  7. Email everyone their scripts and character information well in advance so they can plan their costumes and get familiar with the plot!
  8. Get creative with your character – What would they wear? Can you put up a fun background for the event?
  9. After you’ve done all your prep, attend the Virtual Murder Mystery Party and unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes to try and solve the crime!

If you don’t want to invest in a virtual package, see if any of your friends have a ‘Host your own Murder Mystery’ game at home. If it’s safe to do so, you can always post out the scripts and character booklets to your friends to save a money on buying an online platform.

Host Your Own Virtual Charades Night


  • A Team of friends
  • Charades App
  • A way to keep score
  • Lots of space around you to get creative with your acting!


  1. Set up a group chat with your course friends, society friends, halls friends, home friends or anyone you know wants to use Teams for more than just online lectures!
  2. Pick a date and time when people can attend.
  3. Download one of the free Charades apps on your phone.
  4. Set up the virtual meeting and invite the attendees.
  5. Pick a theme for the charades rounds or risk it and pick random words!
  6. For a competitive games night – separate your group in to teams.
  7. Stretch those muscles ready to give it your all!
  8. Take it in turns to act out your words – don’t be afraid to get out of your chair and use the space around you.
  9. Keep score and the victorious team win bragging rights until your next virtual games night!

Host your own free Virtual Museum Tour

  1. Set up a group amongst your friends for anyone who might be interested in exploring a museum exhibit online.
  2. Friends from your course might want to explore a particular exhibit?
  3. A virtual ‘trip out’ with your friends from home you’ve not seen in ages!
  4. Friends from your societies might enjoy particular exhibits linked to their interests.
  5. Pick a date and time to explore your museum of choice!
  6. Set up a virtual call for during the museum viewing, where you can plan your route with your friends and share observations.
  7. Take advantage of being able to explore the exhibit virtually – bring snacks and drinks ‘into the museum’.
  8. After your tour, discuss any points of interest with your friends and plan your next museum ‘trip out’!