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The DocHub@DMU

The DocHub@DMU is a documentary centre based within the Cinema and Television History Research Institute and Leicester Media School at De Montfort University and led by the director/producer and Associate Professor Ulrike Kubatta.

The centre brings together industry professionals, students and academics to engage with and participate in the creative growth and sociopolitical impact of the documentary genre.

The Doc Hub has a distinct contemporary focus within documentary film production and places an emphasis on hybrid approaches, social impact and emerging distribution platforms.

In collaboration with the Phoenix Cinema, the DocHub@DMU initiates and hosts a series of screening and discussion events.

Push: 6.30pm Wednesday 25 March at the Phoenix Cinema

Push is a film that sheds light on a new kind of faceless landlord, our increasingly unlivable cities and an escalating crisis that has an effect on us all.

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Previous event: The Hard Stop

The police killing of Mark Duggan in London, 2011, ignited the worst civil unrest in recent British history and made headlines around the globe. Duggan’s closet friends, Marcus and Kurtis, take us on a tour of their insulated world, which we pass everyday but never really see.

The Hard Stop