The Hard Stop

The Phoenix Cinema
11/11/2019 (19:00-20:30)
Tickets £5, book via the cinema box office.

Certificate 15/Running Time 85 Minutes

Directed by George Amponsah

Produced by Dionne Walker


In August 2011 29 year old Mark Duggan was shot and killed whilst being arrested by armed police in Tottenham. This incident ignited a riot that escalated into a week of the worst civil unrest in recent British history.

The Hard Stop is an observational documentary that follows the progress of two of Mark Duggan’s childhood friends over the course of 24 months as they deal with bereavement, imprisonment and unemployment whilst the journalistic debate about who exactly their friend Mark Duggan was and the judicial inquiry into his killing plaus out as a news story in the background.

The Hard Stop employs observational video, imaginative use of news archive, iconic cinematography and a compelling music soundtrack to put Marcus and Kurtis’s experience up on the big screen and by doing so tell Mark Duggan’s story.

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For this event, the screening of The Hard Stop will be followed by a discussion with Ulrike Kubatta (The DocHub@DMU, Chair), George Amponsah (Director), Dionne Walker (Producer), Marcus Knox-Hooke (Cast Member/Consultant), Kurtis Henville (Cast Member/Consultant), Lisa Palmer (Deputy Director, The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre) and Jim Holyoak, former Detective Superintendent (Leicestershire Police) and Programme Leader in Police Programmes (De Montfort University).

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