Student car sharing

DMU is a member of, a web-based journey matching service for people based in Leicestershire that is hosted on the website.

Although this service is freely available to members of the public, we have arranged with them a mechanism whereby members of the university, using a,,, or email address can use this website to search for a car share partner who is also a member of the university.

To access the DMU database go to  Click on the ‘Join Now!’ button and then choose De Montfort University Student Carshare from the Business Group or Community drop-down menu.

You must register with the service using your DMU email address if you wish restrict your search to DMU members only although once registered you can access the site from any computer. This gives you rather greater security than using a public car share scheme.

Once you have added your journey details, you will be sent an email. You need to follow the link in the email to activate your account.

To search for a partner, simply enter the details of your journey and the system will find other members of scheme name travelling the same way. You can then use the secure system to make contact with someone making a similar trip to you.

The system will not reveal any of your personal details, including your email address, until you wish them to – they merely provide an opportunity for you to send an email to a matching partner.

The system can be used for single trips or a regular commute, and is highly flexible. If you only come in once or twice a week or want to use it to find a lift home at the weekends, it can cover that.

The same scheme can also be used also for matching cyclists and walkers. This may be useful for current cyclists wanting company on the ride in, or for individuals who may be concerned about cycling but who would like to give it a go, seeking someone more experienced for encouragement and support.

We draw your attention to the fact that it is up to you to arrange your own insurance. If you have only 3rd party insurance on your car, you must inform your passengers that they may not be covered in the event of an accident. Passengers are also urged to check the level of cover with the driver before committing to car share.

Please note that DMU does not provide any student car parking on the campus.

Disclaimer: DMU does not manage the website, it merely provides a link to it. DMU has no responsibility for the content or functioning of the website, and cannot be held liable for any claims arising from using it. All DMU members using the sites must agree to’s own terms and conditions, and must abide by their recommended security procedures. Members of the university using this service form a contract with, not with DMU.

DMU also reserve the right to withdraw or alter access to the service at any time.

Feedback – we would very much like to know how you get on with car sharing, and if you think there are any improvements that could be made to the scheme. If you have any comments or requests for changes to the system, please get in touch with the Sustainability Team.