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List of recognised activities

Below is a list of the activities that you can undertake at DMU which are recognised by the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). By undertaking any of these activities, they will be included in section 6.1 of your HEAR which identifies your extra-curricular activities whilst you were a student at DMU. See our FAQs.

Type of experience

Name of activity

Description of activity

Placements, Internships and Unitemps jobs

Frontrunner internships

The Frontrunners scheme provides high quality, paid placement experience within the university or a local business to develop and enhance graduate level employability skills. The scheme provides the opportunity for students to gain graduate track, ‘real world’ employment experience.


Practice Placement

This activity focuses on the assessment of supervised practice and the support and empowerment of young people in the wider community. Within placement you will gain experience working on issues including mentoring, advice and guidance, youth justice, drug and alcohol misuse, homelessness and arts or sports-based work. The quality of your face to face work is recognised on your HEAR as your supervisor will award you with a pass, merit or distinction.


Taking a part-time or temporary job via Unitemps

At Unitemps we help graduates find temporary work while they search for that all-important graduate job, as well as helping current students gain valuable work experience and earn at the same time. Unitemps place students/Graduates into temp assignments on Campus and also with Local businesses within the Leicestershire area.


Unitemps Student Ambassador role

An opportunity to be employed by DMU engaging directly with potential students at Open Days, Interview Days and Graduation. Student Ambassadors deliver campus tours, support set up and hosting of events, attend student recruitment exhibitions and undertake telemarketing campaigns Engaging face to face with potential students and members of the public on a daily basis this role develops communication skills, customer service skills, presentation skills and self-confidence.

Digital SME support Scheme

This scheme matches students with digital skills with local businesses seeking digital support. Placements can be up to 2 weeks long and are usually delivered virtually. You will have the opportunity to share your skills, gain professional experience providing real support to a business, and make local connections for potential future employment.


DMUlocal volunteer

DMU is committed to the public good – and that’s one of the reasons students are encouraged to volunteer on more than 100 projects every year with DMU Local. But the university is also committed to helping enrich students’ experience, give them new skills and help them find work at the end of their course – and volunteering can help do that. Volunteering with DMU Local can help transform lives – not just those of others, but students themselves. DMU Local volunteers work locally and globally to help those affected by poverty, lack of education, plus others who may have fled war or persecution in their homeland. The work has also transformed the lives of students, with 90% believing volunteering has increased their chances of finding a job, and 100% saying they would recommend the experience to a friend.

DSU volunteer Gold, Silver, bronze

Students complete 50 - 100 hours voluntary work in the community through DSU


Member of Demon Media

Content production for media strand with management to produce, edit and publish the content for DSU and the university


Green impact volunteer

Green Impact is an environmental behaviour change project run in conjunction with the Students Organising for Sustainability (SoS) and the DSU. Teams of staff compete to see who can complete the most number of environmental activities from an online workbook’ Staff teams are supported by Green Impact Volunteers. Green Impact Volunteer students also audit the work of the staff teams to check that the activities have been completed to the required standard.


Street law

DMU Street Law is a voluntary, extra-curricular activity. In Street Law, students work in teams to provide presentations and mock trials for schools, colleges and community groups. We take law into the community, inform people about their legal rights and responsibilities and raise funds for charities. Street Law enables students to develop team-work, problem-solving and communication skills and to improve their understanding of the practical effects of legal rules and principles.


Decolonising DMU Student Ambassador

To gain the award students attend 4 Unapologetically BAME meetings and volunteer over 25 hrs work to the project.



i-Buddies is a peer mentoring scheme that matches newly arrived international students with existing DMU students. The primary aims of the scheme are to encourage intercultural interaction and integration, both between Home and International students, and between International students of different nationalities. i-Buddies attend a training session before being matched with a new international arrival. The i-Buddy maintains regular contact for the first term and helps the new arrivals adapt to a new country and culture and settle in to life at university.

MyUnipal Mentor

MyUniPal mentors support student group transition to university during Welcome Weeks as well as other key transition dates.The student has acted as lead mentor and supported coordination and delivery of events and coordinated small mentor groups. The student has gained the following skills: Leadership; Communication; problem Solving; Team work; Event support.


Positions of Responsibility

Responsible Futures Auditor

Trained auditor as part of the Responsible Futures programme to embed sustainability within university curriculum

DSU Volunteer Leader

Created and lead a Student Volunteering Groups that has been set up to benefit the local community in a variety of ways.

Elected Officer roles, DSU

Elected Officers within De Montfort Students’ Union day-to-day operations, act as Trustees of the organisation

Elected Committee roles, DSU societies

Elected and trained by DSU to in order to run their societies. Roles for e.g. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer etc.

Elected Committee roles, DSU Sport

A committee member of a sports club via DSU. various positions i.e. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

Course Representative

Course representatives provide a key liaison point between their fellow students and programme leaders/academic quality team, feeding in students’ views about the course, recommendations and any group concerns for consideration.

Student Trustee

DSU governed by a Trustee Board includes Officers, Student Trustees, External Trustees & Alumni Trustees.

Sport Scholar

Sports Scholars are athletes who possess a high level of sporting aptitude often competing within national or international sporting pathways.  The Sport Scholars illustrate transferable skills such as; problem solving, goal setting, time management, organisation, managing expectations, communication, team work, and leadership.

Sport Activator

Sport Activators are recruited through an application and interview process and have responsibility to support the delivery of their sport across campus with an aim to increase participation and improve retention. They are responsible for marketing and promotion, planning and coordinating weekly sessions / leagues, and monitoring and evaluating attendances to review and improve the project. The activator requires effective time management, communication and organisational skills, alongside the ability to work independently, as part of a team and as a highly effective leader.

Head of MyUnipal

Dare to Be Mentoring is a one-to-one mentoring scheme supporting students to be successful in their studies. Students are matched with a trained mentor and meet regularly to work towards aims set by the student. Mentoring helps student to excel and achieve their full potential. The skills, knowledge and attributes each student gains will be dependent on the areas they select to work on but most commonly include: communication; self-confidence, goal setting, self-management and reflection.  For a student to be eligible to gain HEAR recognition for taking part in Dare to Be mentoring, they must:

1. Attend Dare to Be mentee training;

2. Attend a minimum of three meetings with their mentor

3. Complete the end of scheme evaluation
Total: 10 hours

Leicester’s Future Leaders student leadership group

Students take a leading role supporting this project which aims to increase graduate jobs for BAME graduates in Leicester and make the business landscape more diverse and inclusive. The role includes advising the project on student communications, skills needs and delivery models, helping ensure the project activities are completely relevant for students and as engaging as possible. The role also has a responsibility for spreading awareness of the project and its opportunities among the wider student community. In return for being part of the leadership group, students benefit from exclusive training and networking with employers.


DSU Zones & Student Council Representative

De Montfort Students’ Union Zones and Student Council Representative award:

1.  Student must be an elected member of the Zones/Council 

2. Student must attend at least 6 out of 8 scheduled meetings of the year – more meetings may take place as per  3. Attendance and participation will help develop skills of critical thinking, analysis and advocacy – as students will be required to discuss, debate and propose policy ideas. need.

4.  Students will develop interpersonal skills through working with a diverse

5.  Students will scrutinise elected officers of the Union – developing skills such as auditing skills as well as public speaking. group.

6.Students may also apply to become chair of Council/zones in order to further develop skills and confidence by chairing meetings.

Enhanced Learning and Self-Development

Client interviewing theory and practice

Students complete online learning materials on aspects of client interviewing including establishing an effective professional relationship; obtaining information; learning the client's goal; analysing the client’s problem and the law; developing a reasoned course of action; assisting the client to make an informed choice and effectively concluding the interview.   This knowledge is then built on by students attending two workshops which focus on questioning skills; active listening skills; demonstrating empathy; problem analysis and advising the client.

Client interviewing competition

Students work in a pair and interview and advise a ‘client’. They are given brief details of the topic beforehand, however the students will need to use the questioning skills they have learnt in the online training and workshops to obtain the relevant information from the client and establish their goals and expectations. The students are then expected to analyse the client’s legal problem and offer advice which  meets their client’s needs. Throughout the interview the students will need to demonstrate their interpersonal skills and their ability to establish an effective professional relationship with the client. Students are scored according to a clearly described criteria and the highest scoring teams progress to the final.

Dare To Be Mentoring

Dare To Be Mentoring is a one-to-one mentoring scheme supporting students to be successful in their studies. Students are matched with a trained mentor and meet regularly to work towards aims set by the student. Mentoring helps student to excel and achieve their full potential. The skills, knowledge and attributes each student gains will be dependent on the areas they select to work on but most commonly include: communication; self-confidence, goal setting, self-management and reflection.  For a student to be eligible to gain HEAR recognition for taking part in Dare to Be mentoring, they must:

1. Attend Dare to Be mentee training;

2. Attend a minimum of three meetings with their mentor;

3. Complete the end of scheme evaluation
Total: 10 hours

Healthy DMU masterclasses participant

Students will have attended 4 out of 6 available different Masterclasses. These are: Personal Productivity; Managing performance under pressure; Emotional Awareness (intelligence) and resilience; Assertive & confident communication; Being the best version of yourself (motivation, self-esteem and self-care) positive mindsets.   #HealthyDMU Masterclasses are a series of group wellbeing learning opportunities and events which are focussed on the development of life skills and employability. Masterclasses will:

-        be 1 hour long each,

-        link clearly to the overall ethos of #HealthyDMU which is to ‘achieve your full potential’.

A 10-week course in Mandarin with DMU Confucius Institute


The course provides students with basic proficiency of practical Mandarin and a gateway to China. Students are required to attend at least 8 out of 10 two-hour Mandarin sessions with DMU Confucius Institute, taking an HSK test or not. If they have attended 5 to 7 sessions, they need to pass an HSK test in the same term to be eligible to gain HEAR recognition. At the completion of the course, they have a better understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Professional skills and Networks



Employability mentoring

Employability Mentoring aims to improve the employability of our students using industry mentors. Students who engage in Employability Mentoring do so solely on a voluntary basis as they have chosen to invest their time to learn about how to become more employable. They see the value in connecting with professionals and learning about their past experience in industry. Students who successfully complete the process of Employability Mentoring demonstrate their commitment to attending sessions, undertaking reflection, completing tasks between sessions and preparing for mentoring. In doing so they prepare questions in preparation to meet with mentors, they engage with mentors in group settings and they apply learning from the mentors to their own lives to undertake practical actions. Following this they then make a commitment to meet with a mentor ongoing to forge a relationship from which to further develop their knowledge and awareness of the world beyond university. Each student who fully participates in Employability Mentoring takes something different from the experience and each one who successfully completes the scheme has demonstrated an ability to drive the relationship, learn from others and use wisdom to help them achieve.



At De Montfort University we are continuously striving to improve how we prepare our students for their future careers and the evolving needs of industry. Providing opportunities to actively engage with employers is key to this aim. DMU Works CEM Careers team hosts an annual conference called CEM PAVE where students are able to engage in early career planning, network with employers and improve their knowledge of current recruitment needs.


The Health and Life Science Faculty's Plan Ahead, Value Employability (PAVE) Conference includes motivational talks by keynote speakers, a wide range of networking exhibition stands and short talks and workshops; giving you the chance to actively engage with prospective employers and a wide range of professionals to enhance your employability. HLS PAVE Aims to: Motivate HLS students to engage in early career planning; Increase the sector knowledge of Health and Life Science students; Inspire students to participate in relevant work experience including voluntary, summer and sandwich placements in order to develop their confidence and employability skills.


PEER (Pharmacy Employability Enhancement Roadshow)


PEER is an employability event for Pharmacy students from all years of study with a range of exhibitors and talks from a variety of pharmacy professions. This is a great opportunity to engage with prospective employers and increase your knowledge on the wide variety of careers available to you and opportunities to develop your experience.


Placements Plus


Placement Plus Programme Award.  Completing 10-12 hours of placement enhancements sessions during the programme, focusing on developing employability skills


Get into Teaching application programme


Session 1 - Introductory session covering the routes into Initial Teacher Training with a focus on The Teach First Leadership programme.  We will outline the content of this Successful Applications Programme and explain that those who commit to the programme and attend 4 sessions will have this recorded in their HEAR; Session 2- Teach First: resilience and leadership in teaching; Session 3 Teach First -application masterclass; Session 4 –How to make an effective application including how to write a personal statement and how to evidence your skills, knowledge and experience by using the STARR method. This will be suitable for applications to all providers; Session 5 –Teach First virtual assessment masterclass


Business Start-Up and Enterprise


Graduate Champions Enterprise Scheme


The Graduate Champions Enterprise Scheme lets graduates participate in a 3-day business start-up bootcamp and gain £250 funding for their business idea. Help and support is provided during the intense 3 days of workshops and 1-1 sessions which are facilitated by business consultants.




DMU Works Enterprise hosts an annual competition where students literally pitch their business idea to win awards and prize money. Students get mentored and receive public speaking training prior to the grand final where students pitch in front of a live audience for the top prize.


Digital skills

Digital capabilities certification

Students taking this certificate will develop the capabilities and understanding needed to enable them to become safe, active and engaged learners and workers living in our digital world. The certificate is expected to take approximately 10 hours to complete and includes Blackboard online tests (40% pass mark)


Global Activities  

DMU Global internship

DMU Global is an international experience programme for DMU students, which aims to enrich studies, broaden cultural horizons and develop key skills valued by employers. We offer a wide range of subsidised opportunities to study, work and volunteer overseas as part of your degree. Students can also participate in a range of internationally-themed experiences that take place on campus at DMU.

DMU Global extra-curricular trip

DMU Global summer school

DMU Global volunteering
DMU Global on-campus experience
DMU Global employability trip
DMU Global language course