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Join the Sustainability Team's Carbon Literacy Taster Sessions and Project


The Carbon Literacy Project is a free programme giving students the opportunity to learn the basic science of climate change and participate in activities such as calculating your own carbon footprint and exploring the role of the university in delivering a zero-carbon world.

Carbon Literacy Training (1)

What is the Carbon Literacy project?
The Carbon Literacy project aims to educate the community on climate changes and the impacts our everyday actions have on the environment. This training will improve your knowledge of a range of issues and provide you with the relevant skills needed to communicate messages to your network of colleagues or family.

Mission Possible - Your Role in the Climate Emergency (Carbon Literacy taster sessions and training)
These taster sessions will give you a brief introduction to the Carbon Literacy and provide you with a better understanding of climate change and carbon footprint. You will acquire knowledge and skills required to reduce carbon footprint of yourself and others. You will then be able to take part in the full Carbon Literacy Training.

Monday 22 February - Taster Session 1

Thursday 25 February - Taster Session 2

Wednesday 17 March - Carbon Literacy Training

Student Leadership for Responsible Futures
This session, coordinated by students and elected ambassadors and officers of this year’s Responsible Futures Host Partnerships, will explore students’ visions for sustainabilitywithin higher education settings. This webinar aims to better understand students’ vision for addressing sustainability within education at our universities and colleges, and will support students and staff to work together to co-create this. 

Wednesday 24 February - Responsible Futures Webinar

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Posted on Thursday 18th February 2021

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