Advice for students about antisocial behaviour and security


Living away from home with other students is one of the formative experiences of university life. In addition to your studies, it’s a time to make new friends and enjoy socialising. However, it’s also important to respect the university environment and the wider community, as outlined in our Student Charter.

DMU is a city-centre university with student accommodation located in heavily populated residential areas. Because of this, we encourage all students to be aware of their responsibility to those living and working nearby. 


Recently, there have been a number of complaints from residents in the city about loud music and other disturbances from nearby student houses and flats. Some of these have been student parties which got out of hand after being advertised on social media.

Our security teams work closely with the police to respond to complaints from residents. Antisocial behaviour can result in various actions taken against tenants at these properties, including eviction, prosecution and expulsion from University. Even if you are not involved in antisocial actions directly yourself, permitting the use of your residence for such events can leave you liable to warning notices from the Police and risk a criminal record and your place at University.

DMU takes its community relationships very seriously, so we’re reminding students that they have a duty to maintain good relations with neighbours and behave appropriately. Thank you for your cooperation.

Useful security tips

If you have any concerns, or you wish to report any incidents on the campus or in DMU-managed accommodation, DMU has its own campus police officer as well as a dedicated team of security staff who aim to ensure that all students and staff are able to study and work without being disturbed.

DMU is a safe place to study but it always helps to be vigilant and take precautions to look after yourself and your belongings. For guidance on staying safe when out and about, click here.

If something does happen to you, please report it and seek support from the university and our Campus Police Officer. You can do this by:

  1. Calling 999 in an emergency
  2. Reporting an incident online through the Leicestershire Police website
  3. Visiting our Security team at the Estates Services Building (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or calling them on 0116 257 7642.

For links to other helpful support services, please go to our Hot Topic from January here.

Posted on Friday 15th March 2019

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