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Our community partnerships are providing exceptional experiences for DMU staff and students that include discounted tickets and unique opportunities. Through these partnerships the community has the chance to explore new cultural and artistic aspects of the city.

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DMU Local

Formerly known as DMU Square Mile, DMU Local is the programme that delivers community work and enables the university to contribute to the social and economic development of Leicester and the surrounding areas.

The work done by DMU Local ensures that some of the hardest to reach groups in Leicester and Leicestershire are engaged in projects to support their development in education, health and regeneration.

Links with the Leicester City Council and other organisations around the city allow DMU Local to offer a wide range of exciting projects for the public and DMU Students to get involved with, making sure the needs of the community are met and have a positive, transformative impact.



Curve Theatre

Since 2013 we have worked in close partnership with the city’s prestigious Curve Theatre, supporting their programme of artistic activity. The partnership offers DMU students and graduates incredible opportunities in a dynamic state-of-the-art theatre setting, including:

  • Work placements
  • Pre and post-show talks
  • Attendance at guest lectures
  • Staging of student productions
  • Staging of student performances
  • Hosting of events and exhibitions
  • Hosting of art installations

The partnership also links directly to our pioneering #DMUglobal programme, which offers students the chance to travel overseas with the aim of enriching their studies and expanding their cultural horizons – helping students become global graduates, equipped to meet the needs of employers across the world. This includes supporting our Square Mile India project.

Both organisations are committed to the development of creative talent and to promoting the value of culture within Leicester and by working together, the partnership can help develop Leicester’s reputation as a city of creativity and innovation.

Curve Theatre


Leicester Comedy Festival

After working with the Big Difference Company (BDC) for many years we formally entered into a partnership in 2016, ensuring that our support for Leicester Comedy Festival continues to flourish in future years.

Through the partnership students have the opportunity to work with BDC through the Graduate Champions internship scheme. Additionally students studying undergraduate and postgraduate subjects such as arts and festivals management, media and journalism, business management and creative industries.

As a partner DMU staff are also able to take part in the annual ‘Stand up Challenge’ and in 2017 two members of DMU staff took part.

This year DMU hosted the Leicester Comedy Festival Business Breakfast Launch and the 'I say' annual comedy conversation with comedian Janice Connolly as part of the main festival.

DMU and Big Difference Company have worked together for many years and have seen students running events at local festival venues, producing podcasts and interviewing high profile comedians. DMULocal also works with Big Difference Company and through this partnership has engaged with groups beyond the university’s community. DMUlocal launched a twelve week comedy course for members of the public to join and try their hand at stand-up comedy. The #DMUlocal Laughs showcase enabled members of the public to watch their personalised routines. Promoting and improving the city is of key importance to DMU, not just because of the public good aspect but the opportunities for our students to get involved in projects which celebrate the city.

Leicester Comedy Festival


Leicester LGBT Centre

Through our partnership with Leicester LGBT Centre, DMU students and graduates have the chance to benefit from placements and volunteering opportunities working alongside centre staff, helping deliver support, organising events and connecting members of the LGBT community.

The centre will provide placements for students on courses like Social Work, Youth and Community Development, Policing, HR Management, Interior Design, Architecture as well as others associated with the centre’s work, while two DMU Graduate Champions will have the chance to take up an internship that will enhance their CV and give them valuable skills.

DMU staff and students will also be trained as anti-hate crime ambassadors by Leicester LGBT Centre, allowing them to take their knowledge, skills and experience out into the community.

Everyone in Leicester will be able to benefit as well, with the partnership ensuring a greater awareness of public events like LGBT History month and pride marches.

Leicester LGBT Centre

The Spark Arts for Children

spark-logoWe are the higher education partner of The Spark Arts for Children as part of our mission to create positive change across Leicester. The festival and year-round programme of activities offers DMU students positive and unique volunteering opportunities to help inspire the next generation.

Students will gain an insight into organisation of arts participation events plus hands on experience working with children aged 0-13 years.

Spark Vision: 'Extraordinary experiences for children sparking creativity and change'. Committed to offering accessible, high quality, inspirational arts experiences to children and their families from all races and backgrounds.  

The annual Spark Festival takes place across Leicester in February. Bringing exceptional international and national artists for a festival of theatre, music, dance, poetry and digital arts. 

Also working all year round in community settings particularly areas of deprivation. Committed to supporting artists from diverse backgrounds to make high quality work for childrenSpark also co-ordinates The City Classroom which is Leicester(shires) local Cultural Education Partnership.   

Students can volunteer to be team leaders at The Spark Festival and also volunteer on projects which take place at other times during the year. 

See our website for more information.


St Philip's Centre

In April 2016, we signed a pioneering strategic partnership with St Philip’s Centre. The alliance, which was signed by Professor Dominic Shellard (Vice Chancellor of DMU) and The Very Revd David Monteith (Chair of Trustees – St Philip’s Centre), recognises the vision and values which both institutions share on matters of integration and community cohesion.

The partnership is a result of increasing connections between both institutions on a number of different agendas. In a world of many challenges, the partnership demonstrates that together we can pursue shared values which are rooted in inclusivity and respect. Both DMU and St Philip’s Centre are proud of their individual identities which collectively illustrate commitments to equality, diversity, inter faith and integration.

Moving forward the partnership look forward to mutual collaboration on areas such as teaching, training and development, volunteering and community engagement. This is a ground breaking initiative which both organisations are wholeheartedly supportive of for the long term.

A programme of joint lectures have examined key issues for society and faith which further spell out the university’s values and belief that people should be treated equally regardless of race, sex, faith or gender as outlined in the university equality and diversity charter, DMUfreedom.