Why should I volunteer?

More than 4,000 of DMU’s students volunteered or went on events last year – a 46 per cent increase on the previous year as part of DMU Square Mile.

Why? For many, it was their chance to make a difference to the lives of others and to transform communities both in the city and in India.

But it has also made a difference to their lives, with many claiming that it had changed their perspectives on life and also increased their employability and given them a better chance of getting a job after graduating.


What our students say about volunteering

“I found myself re-evaluating my values, compassion and attitude in every aspect of my nursing career and personal life.”
Charlotte Leith, a child nursing student, on her trip with DMU Square Mile India to Ahmedabad.

“It took things to a whole new level. It’s helped shape what I want to do with my life and it’s really impacted my thinking about the future.”
Nabeelah Omarjee, a psychology student from Harare, on her work with refugees during a DMU trip to Berlin

“As a group we’ve helped them, but they’ve helped us with our own personal skills. I have found people with great ambitions for life and it has helped me think about my own ambitions”
Amy Katiti, a pharmacy student , who worked on a homeless study on the numbers sleeping rough on the streets of Leicester

2017/18 volunteering facts and figures

  • The number of students participating in volunteering and events this year was 4,056, a 46% increase on 2016/17.
  • 90% of students surveyed said their communication skills increased because of their volunteering experience.
  • 90% of students are now more confident in their own abilities after volunteering.
  • 92% of students are now more willing to try new things because of their experiences.
  • 90.4% of people believe that the skills they have gained from their volunteering experience will be valued by future employers.
  • And 100% of students surveyed would recommend volunteering with DMU Square Mile to a friend.

DMU Square Mile Volunteering agreement

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