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Become a mentor


Whether you are just starting at a new company or a seasoned career veteran, this is your opportunity to share the invaluable skills and knowledge you have built over the years with graduates.

Starting out in your career you may have had a mentor who changed the trajectory of your life or on reflection you wished you had a mentor to support you early on. This could be your opportunity to shape a future leader. 

If you want to nurture talent and enjoy seeing others do well, you are mentor material.

To be eligible you are required to work or own a business in Leicester/Leicestershire and have a minimum of five years' work experience. In addition, you will have experience in supporting others progress formally or informally.

Top 5 reasons to become a mentor

  1. Gain the opportunity to reflect on your own development
  2. Leave a legacy – be part of shaping Leicester’s future leaders
  3. Support graduates who are in a pivotal point in their career
  4. Develop your communication and mentoring skills
  5. Build networks and become part of a mentoring community
  6. Learn to see things from a fresh and unique perspective from graduates 


  1. 1. Application

    To get involved and provide mentorship, you will need to complete an online application form. As part of the application process, we ask you to reflect on your experience, knowledge, and skills throughout your career. The information you provide will be used to match you with a mentee. In addition, you will be required to provide a reference.
  2. 2. Training

    You will be invited to a training and preparation session. This session sets out to provide practical advice and guidance on how you can best prepare for your meetings and how to get the most out of mentoring experience.
  3. 3. Matching

    You will then be matched with a suitable mentee. Matches are made based on the skills graduates want to develop and the expertise and interests of the mentors.
  4. 4. Mentoring meetings

    Once matched, graduates and mentors agree a time and date to meet online, this should be once a month through the course of the programme. It is the responsibility of the mentee to set agendas and arrange meetings.
  5. 5. Group mentoring

    In addition to the one-to-one meeting with your mentees you will also be invited to take part in a group mentoring session. This is an ideal opportunity to meet other mentors and mentees on the programme, explore different perspectives and share thoughts, experiences and ideas.


To find out more please contact:

Mentoring Manger - Leicester Future Leaders  

Rabeya Choudhury:

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