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As a dynamic institution we work with organisations from across the UK and instantly-recognised brands to establish partnerships and collaborations that deliver both business and employee benefits.

We are proud of the excellent work we do with our partners, and our Higher and Degree Apprenticeships deliver cost-effective, practical and flexible educational development for your organisation, attracting talented employees and increasing employee retention and productivity.


Find out more in these short videos about the benefits to both the employee and organisation.

Kathleen Drake’s Apprenticeship Story at DMU

Kathleen Drake talks about her experience so far on DMU's Paramedic Degree Apprenticeship.

Lillie Bamford's Apprenticeship Story at De Montfort University (DMU)

Lillie talks about her experience so far on DMU' s Architecture Degree Apprenticeship.

DMU CMDA Apprentice Laura Houghton

Laura talks about her experience so far on the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) at DMU

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships at DMU

The benefits of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

DMU Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA): Employee perspective Mattioli Woods plc

The new Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) from De Montfort University (DMU) combines the best of work-based development and learning.

Apprenticeships DMU and UHL in partnership

De Montfort University's Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programme, the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) in partnership with University Hospitals Leicester (UHL) NHS Trust.

DMU Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA): Employee perspective KFC

The new Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) from De Montfort University (DMU) combines the best of work-based development and learning.

DMU apprenticeships employers case study

Employers talk about why chose apprenticeships with DMU

Jessica from Housing 21 shares her experience of completing an apprenticeship at DMU

Shaf from Housing 21 shares his experience of completing an apprenticeship at DMU

Case studies

Rebecca Codd, Architect Degree Apprentice, UMC Architects
Kai Mumford, Digital and Technology Solutions degree Apprentice, IBM
Alisdair Blair, Senior Leader Apprentice, DMU
Grace Ladkin, Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice, Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) 


University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust


“I think Higher and Degree Apprenticeships will benefit organisations like the NHS greatly. The ability to develop your own staff and provide them with opportunities to develop not only improves their morale, but improves retention, productivity, and achieves an output desirable for all.”

Finlay Hollingworth, Deputy Service Manager - Blood Sciences Department, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

“DMU is a wonderful university, the course is excellently provided, the university has a strong reputation in business, and I would strongly recommend anyone who’s working in the private sector or public sector to undertake this course, as it will give them the necessary skills to be able to develop and become better business leaders.”

Rajesh Thakror, Team Leader - Blood Sciences Department, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust


Mattioli Woods plc


“It’s great to be able to offer such a fantastic opportunity to hard working young people to get a foot on the career ladder of our fast paced and forward thinking locally based plc business, as well as gaining a degree qualification without the associated costs and student loans.

Their energy and dynamism spurred on by their learning through the course brings fresh ideas and a real dedication to our business. I’m especially looking forward to their final year when, as part of their End Point Assessment, they will have to embark on a project within the business to bring about change and efficiency.

Personally I gain a great deal of satisfaction seeing individuals grow and blossom within our business, and this is especially true of our two trail blazers on the degree apprenticeship program.”

Fiona Treadwell, Talent and Development Business Partner, Mattioli Woods plc




“I’m delighted that our Cyber Security Higher Apprentices will receive an academic qualification that has been designed specifically around our needs as a business.

Together with Tech Partnership and a consortium of employers, we have created an apprentice framework that meets the needs of cyber security organisations, and DMU have created an academic programme that will develop these young people and launch them into fulfilling and inspiring careers. I am excited at the prospect of seeing our apprentices develop their skills at DMU.”

Rob Partridge, Head of BT’s Security Academy




“KFC and DMU have been in partnership with the Business Management Degree Programme for five years now, so when we were approached about the Degree Apprenticeship we could clearly see the benefits of being part of this pilot programme so naturally jumped on board.

Over the past year we’ve seen exactly what we expected  - a new, young group of talented employees grow professionally and personally.

Nearly half of our employees have been promoted since the induction of this programme and we’ve seen engagement rise across the whole cohort.

The CMDA has changed the way that they look at their impact through other people and through the business. Working and earning a degree simultaneously is no small task, and they are reaping big rewards as a result.”

Dylan Hannigan, Education Programme Manager, KFC UK and Ireland


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