Employers learn how industry-led apprenticeships can benefit their workforce

Industry leaders will be able to shape the future of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes to match the needs of their workforce.

Staff from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) told the region’s employers ‘the power rests in your hands’ as they spread the word on the benefits of the new-style apprenticeships.


Nadia Omar, DMU's Technology Business Development Manager

They told about 30 employers at an information event that they were in a ‘win-win’ situation as they could help to structure the curriculum of vocational training all the way up to degree level.

Degree Apprenticeships, which enable students to earn money while in higher education, train people of all ages to learn skills across a huge range of professions.

Employers such as Leicester City Council, Santander and Davidsons Homes were among those at the all-day event at The Campus Centre to find out how apprenticeships can help to create a skilled and qualified workforce.

The event during National Apprenticeship Week featured a series of speakers, as well as breakout sessions for employers to find out the specifics of DMU’s proposed four new apprenticeships. Degree Apprenticeships in Electronic Engineering, Cyber Security, Building Services Engineering, and Digital and Technology Solutions are due to begin in September.


Professor David Mba, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Faculty of Technology

Nadia Omar, Technology Business Development Manager, said the new education routes have been tailor-made to meet the needs of employers.

She told employers: “You will be getting a fully-qualified employee, moulded to your company’s culture, whilst benefiting directly from the work-based projects they will complete during the apprenticeship.

“The power rests in your hands as you can help design their training.  This is your opportunity to ensure that their skills and abilities are relevant to the challenges of your business.”

Professor David Mba, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Faculty of Technology, told employers about DMU’s vision to ‘engage with industry.’

He said: “Apprenticeships are going to change the Higher Education sector of the future.

“Apprenticeships are new for DMU, which is why we have made the strategic decision to work with Leicester College to benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

“We are working together to develop Level 6 apprenticeships. We are pushing as hard as we can to have everything ready for a 2018 start.”

APPRENTICESHIP Panel at Apprenticeship event WEB

DMU staff at the Higher & Degree Apprenticeship Information Event

Tracey Kingsley, Vice Principal at Leicester College, said it was wonderful to be working in partnership with the university.

She said: “We’re having conversations with employers that wouldn’t have been possible before this collaboration. The result will be more of a seamless offer for employers.

“We’re working together to help progress learners through the apprenticeship process.”

She added: “Don’t let the idea of apprenticeships scare you. They can be a successful pathway to many careers. Please embrace them as professional development programmes for your staff.”


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Posted on Thursday 8 March 2018

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