Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship

The Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship provides a broad understanding of aspects of Information Systems coupled with development of data analytics knowledgebase and skillsets. The distinguishing aim of the programme is to support students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed as technology professionals in the data sphere. The programme covers a range of subjects that will develop and hone the skillsets and knowledge base that are needed for a career in the sector and has been put together to incorporate the essential knowledge required for a well-rounded education in analytics at the relevant level. The structure of the programme is designed not only to teach and impart knowledge but to also enable students to become lifelong learners and equip them with the skillsets that are needed to be competent and independent self-learners. The apprenticeship together with its off-the-job training provides opportunities to cover the full occupational profile and learning of all the skills, knowledge and behaviours required.

Who the apprenticeship is for?

All apprentices on the programme will be in paid work at a partner organisation throughout their course. Most are expected to be taken on full-time into the job role that they have been in for their employer after the successful completion of their course.  The programme equips the apprentices with the relevant skill sets needed for successful professional careers in well sought-after disciplines at this level. Data analysts may work in various departments within a single employer (for example finance, sales, HR, manufacturing, or marketing), and in any employment sector, public or private, including retail, distribution, defense, banking, logistics, media, local government and so on.

The programme is focused on preparing apprentices for roles such as Data Analyst, Data Manager, Data Scientist, Data Modeller, Data Architect, Data Engineer. As well as the typical data analyst-related positions such as these, the programme opens doors to careers in fields such as systems analysis and design, system management, security management, project management, knowledge management, big data architect roles, data consultant roles and business consultancy.

Entry requirements

Normally, the entry requirements for the Data Analyst Level 4 apprenticeship at DMU are:

  • 104 UCAS points from at least two A-levels or equivalent
  • GCSE Mathematics and English at grade C/4 or level 2 Mathematics and English equivalent
  • Pass at equivalent BTEC courses (BTECs can be taken alongside, or in place of, GCSEs and A levels)

Although other relevant qualifications or experience may also be considered. As part of the onboarding process, these entry requirements would also consider the use of an RPL process to recognize relevant knowledge and skillsets that have been gained through work/life experiences. For example, candidates who could evidence on-the-job experience, or related degrees may be assessed for admission through the apprentice suitability process such as skill-scans and interviews. Specifically, Apprentices without level 2 English and Maths (or equivalent) will need to achieve this level should achieve the level two requirements within 12 months of the commencement of the programme, and prior to taking the End Point Assessment.

Delivery model

The modules on the programme will be delivered in block mode, each of the modules will be covered over a week of teaching. There may be engagements and supports outside the teaching week particularly for lab/work-based modules. There would also be preparatory work and post-work both before and after the week of teaching. Academic support would also be available prior and after the week of teaching for apprentices to get help and advice as required. The support would include access to the virtual learning environment, to discussion boards, access to the teaching staff and to the Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS).

What is the duration of the apprenticeship?

24 months (+ 3 months for End Point Assessment)

Level 4 (Study year one)
Module codeModule titleCredit valueCore/Optional
IMAT1xxx Foundation of Python Programming 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Data Analytics and Statistics 1 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Work Based Learning 1 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Information Systems Analysis 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Data Analytics and Statistics 2 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Computer Ethics 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Programming in Python 2 15 Core
IMAT1xxx Database Design 15 Core
EPA Endpoint Assessment 0 Core

What level of qualification will be achieved?

Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship Degree, and CertHE Data Related Studies: (120 level 4 credits). Where a student does not successfully take and pass the EPA, they can still be awarded a CertHE Data Related Studies certificate.


Assessment methods and assessment criteria are vested in the individual modules constituting the programme. Each module specification defines the assessment methods and reassessment details which are appropriate to the aims and objectives and the teaching and learning strategy of the module: the choice of the most suitable coursework is dependent on the subject and content of the module. Some modules adopt a combination of a time-constrained phase test and other coursework assessment. Other module assessment methods include projects, reports, posters and presentations. Wherever feasible, student assessment work is submitted to the Learning Management System.

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