Leicester Centre for Creative Writing

Leicester Centre for Creative Writing is a diverse community of writers working in a wide range of forms and genres including long and short fiction (science fiction, autobiographical, crime, literary, experimental), performance, poetry of all kinds, script (radio, independent film, graphic novel), and digital work. The Centre is interested in all aspects of practice research and the potential to find creative ways to express research imperatives in Creative Writing.

The centre has three main foci

  • The promotion and exploration of Creative Writing as a field of Practice Research
  • The promotion of Creative Writing as a taught discipline
  • Public Engagement

We are keen for the Centre to serve writing communities in the region and beyond, and to provide opportunities for hosting events and collaborations. Our flagship is the highly successful annual collaboration with Dahlia Press on States of Independence, an independent book festival in a day. See last year’s programme here.

Centre research

Crime fiction as neo-liberal critique, Afro-futurist fiction, poetry and space exploration, speculative fiction about an alternate history of Leicester, and poetry examining the roots of lyric in invective and ritual cursing.

We have an innovative taught MA programme that will extend your writing practice in both professional and research contexts, as well as enable you to work on a long project, find out more information here.

We are currently supervising Creative Writing PhDs involving:

  • A collage novel exploring the music scene in the 1990s
  • Multi-platform studies of the Millennial generation
  • Queer experimental memoir
  • Biofiction exploring the painter Turner, and his mother’s incarceration in Bedlam

If you have a PhD project, then why not get in touch?


Professor Simon Perril, Professor of Poetic Practice,

E: sperril@dmu.ac.uk

De Montfort University

Clephan Building, 0.16
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