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Black and Minority Ethnic Staff Network Group

The BAME Staff Network Group is for all staff who define themselves as belonging to a minority ethnic group.  Our membership aims to reflect the diversity of BAME staff at DMU and includes professional and academic staff from a wide breadth of faculties and directorates.

We strive to provide an effective voice for BAME staff and students, to promote equality within the university. Further, we champion the Race Equality Charter.

An image of a student with a flag

What we do

The BAME Staff Network Group aims to: 

  • Provide a forum for BAME staff from across all departments of the university to network and discuss issues that have an effect on us.
  • Provide professional support and information about how individual issues may be raised.
  • Provide a voice for BAME staff by offering a source of consultation on BAME issues relating to university policies and practices.
  • Assist with policy development on BAME issues by providing advice and feedback to Human Resources and university committees.
  • Work closely with the other staff networks at DMU to jointly address issues that are of common interest.
  • Provide a safe space at the end of meetings (not minuted) for staff to socialise and network.

Since 2009, the BAME Staff Network Group has contributed to a number of campaigns and policies at DMU that have an impact on BAME staff and students, including:

  • The submission for the Race Equality Charter award and continuing support of the Race Equality Charter mark.
  • Introducing Black History Month as an annual event on DMU’s events calendar.
  • Providing representation on the Equality and Diversity Committee.
  • Providing a BAME perspective on the Student Retention and Attainment Action Plan and DMU’s Strategic Framework.
  • The Investiture of Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon as DMU’s Chancellor.

How to get involved

The BAME Staff Network Group is always delighted to welcome new members. If you are a staff member from a black or minority ethnic background and would like to come along to our next meeting please email to be added to the email group.

Meetings take place three times a year, and are open to all those who self-define as BAME staff. Membership of the network remains confidential.

DMU encourages involvement in the staff network groups and grants staff the time to attend the meetings.

Meeting Dates

Wed 6 March 2019 - 12pm to 1.30pm,  JW 1.09

Wed 8 May 2019 - 12pm to 1.30pm, JW 1.09

Our Terms of Reference and plan.