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This page contains a number of resources including an overview of the Equality Act, information on equality impact assessments, our staff and student equality data and links to relevant equality and diversity strategies and policies (which are inclusive of all protected characteristics, including LGBTQ+, BAME, gender etc.).

Improving outcomes assessments

What is an improving outcomes assessment?
An improving outcomes assessment is a process of equality analysis carried out as part of development of any strategic plans, new or revised policies, procedures, projects major events, efficiency considerations and environment changes, such as estates changes.  It is intended to enhance our work through consideration of the diversity of our staff, students and stakeholders

Who carries out an improving outcomes assessment?
Improving outcomes assessments are normally carried out by the person or group who is responsible for the piece of work being developed.

Do I need to complete an improving outcomes assessment?
The policy provides guidance on when it is necessary to conduct an assessment, including information on our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010.   If after reviewing the policy you are still unsure on how to progress, please contact

How do I carry out an improving outcomes assessment?
Guidance and a blank form is available in the policy.  Expert IOA practitioners are currently being trained in your area and will be able to assist you complete the assessment.  A list of expert practitioners will soon be available on this page.

What do I do with the form once it is complete?
Once the form is complete, please embed the action plan (if completed) within your operational plans, and forward a copy of the form to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team:

Policy, guidance and templates:
We have developed a policy, guidance and blank form for completing an improving outcomes assessment (click here).

Equality and diversity relevant strategies and policies



For a full list of HR policies, please visit the HR website


For further information on student policies and regulations, please click here.

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