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DMUfreedom is our new equality and diversity charter, built on our strong reputation for positive action and with our conviction we can and should lead on fairness and inclusion in the higher education sector.

It is a commitment to continue cultivating an environment in which staff, students and partners have freedom: freedom to be, freedom to inspire and freedom to succeed.

Freedom to be...

  • Ourselves in a supportive environment that allows us space to explore our personal identity

  • Proud of our achievements, and to have the time to learn from them

  • Confident that our decisions arebased on a thoughtful consideration of our options.


Freedom to inspire...

  • Creativity, unbound by convention, that increases knowledge

  • Communities, by supporting their educational, social and economic growth

  • Open minds by removing barriers that constrict personal, professional and academic growth.

Freedom to succeed...

  • Academically, in an environment pushing boundaries and where ambitionis encouraged

  • Personally, through inspiring leadership that understands and respects aspiration

  • Professionally, by sharing in knowledge and connections that shape skills and expertise.