Incredible opportunities unveiled to study, work and volunteer around the world with DMU Global

Visiting the Design District in Helsinki, learning building techniques in Morocco and experiencing the political powerhouse of Washington DC are just a small number of the amazing opportunities on offer to students in the latest round of DMU Global trips.

The award-winning scheme gives De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) students the chance to travel and experience life in cities around the globe – as well as learn about culture on campus - as part of their studies.

Other trips include studying special effects in the film and animation industry in Vancouver, crime-fighting in Chicago, engineering in Prague and the history behind the Bosnian genocide.

DMU Works - the university careers programme designed to make students work ready – is also offering enterprise trips to study business start-ups and freelancing opportunities in Norway and Los Angeles.

For the first time, DMU Global will also be offering students the opportunity to be awarded with an Intercultural Awareness Certificate (IAC) here on campus.

It involves activities such as volunteering with DMU local, attending global awareness workshops and an option to learn a language. It will teach students skills valued by employers such as teamwork, resilience and communication skills.

There are also language classes offered to all students from October, for either 10 or 20 weeks, in French, Spanish, German, Arabic or Japanese.

The overseas trips are subsidised with a bursary and open up a whole new raft of opportunities to enhance the student experience and add to CVs.

Bethan Scrivens is a Speech and Language Therapy student at DMU and is currently teaching English in Bangkok on a DMU Global trip.


Bethan (far right) with students in Bangkok

She said: “On this trip I've gained an insight into how the education and healthcare systems in Thailand are different to the UK. I've applied my knowledge of speech, language and communication to reduce the language barrier and deliver the best possible teaching to the students. 

“I would recommend a DMU Global trip in a heartbeat. If there's a DMU Global opportunity available put yourself forward.

“You will gain so much experience and develop as a person. Plus, DMU Global trips are brilliant to have on your CV and talk about at interviews. The experiences can help you stand out from a crowd of applicants. 

“I feel so privileged and grateful to have been selected for this trip. I'm proud to be representing DMU and Speech and Language Therapy". 


Bethan in front of the Grand Palace in Bangkok

All experiences will take place between January and April next year. Applications open today and the deadline to apply for the overseas trips is Monday 21 October at 9am. The deadline for signing-up to the Intercultural Awareness Certificate is Monday 14 October at 9am.

Other educational trips include looking at gender and the law in Belfast, fighting corruption in Hong Kong, European politics in Brussels, Footwear Design in Milan and attending an international film festival in Porto.

You can look at all the trips on offer and learn more about the IAC here.

If you have any queries about the trips and eligibility checkout the FAQ’s section on the website or email

Posted on: Monday 30 September 2019

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