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Architect has designs on first-class career after securing top job on placement

An Architecture student is set to start his first full-time job in the field just days after graduating at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU).

As he drew to the end of his Architecture BA (Hons) course, Joinul Uddin secured a six-week placement at a Leicestershire architect firm through #DMUworks – the university’s employability and placement scheme.


The 21-year-old so impressed the firm that they offered him a full-time position when he graduated – which he did today with first-class honours.

He said: “The whole ceremony today was just excellent, really well organised. There were so many different parts, it was never boring, not once and the choir were fantastic.”

He was there with his father, Masuk, who said he was very proud of his son.

“Not only has he a degree,” said Masuk. “He has first-class which is very, very good.”

GRADS Tues 3

Joinul said he it was the quality and friendliness of the tutors at DMU which made the difference.

He said: “In particular Dr Louis Gyoh and Neil Stacey, they were very available. I didn’t have to set up appointments, I could have their full attention at any time, which made me feel very valued.”

He said he was keen to start work but would enjoy celebrating his graduation.

Joinul was one of hundreds of students celebrating on day three of DMU’s summer graduations 2018, these ceremonies being for students from the Arts, Design and Humanities faculty.

Over the course of the week, thousands of students will become graduates in a spectacular series of ceremonies held at The Venue@DMU.

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Also celebrating was Stephanie Douglas, who was graduating in Footwear Design BA 30 years after her mother had collected her degree from DMU.

GRADS Tues 2

The 23-year-old, from Taiwan said her mum had come to DMU to study, met her father before graduating, and moved back to Taiwan as a married couple.

She said: “DMU has changed a lot since my mum’s day but even in the four years I was here – because I did a foundation year – it has changed a lot, too.

“It’s a big improvement and I’m happy to have been a part of that. The new Vijay Patel Building is really modern, great to work in and inspiring.”

She also said she enjoyed taking advantage of several #DMUglobal trips, having been to Berlin, Paris, Sao Paulo and New York to study.


But it is Leicester Stephanie has been most taken with.

She said: “Leicester itself is really multi-cultural which is great – I can get Chinese food whenever I want.

“My own favourite place? Yum Chi.”

Posted on Tuesday 17th July 2018

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