CLEARING 2018: Zeinab is making a difference to her classmates and the community


Zeinab Memon wants to make a difference - both professionally as a pharmacist and personally as a volunteer.

The Pharmacy student at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has already helped numerous people in her roles as a Diabetes UK Community Champion, a Macmillan Cancer Ambassador and a Dementia Ambassador.


And she will be helping patients when she achieves her ambition to work as a hospital pharmacist.

Zeinab said: "For my voluntary work I am always speaking to different people and learning their stories. I love the feeling of trying to do something to help.

"At DMU we have so many opportunities to get involved through #DMUlocal.

"As part of my course I went on a hospital visit and spoke to patients and I loved the way they responded to me and smiled.

"I want to make a difference."

The 21-year-old also helps causes close to her heart through the DMU Islamic Society.

"I organised a sponsored climb of Mount Snowdon, which was very rewarding. I also made a cake and raised £300, with the money going to help children in countries such as Syria and Malawi."


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Zeinab is equally passionate about her academic pursuits.

Born in Portugal, she came to Leicester in Year 10, but not being able to do the right GCSE subjects for her preferred A-levels set her back a year.

Wanting to study Pharmacy or a related course, the stress of A-levels got to Zeinab and her grades weren't quite good enough. This led to her calling DMU's Clearing line on A-level results day.

"I'd had a conditional offer for Pharmacy and they looked at what else I could do.

"DMU offered me three courses and I chose Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science. No other university offered me that."

Although Zeinab really enjoyed the first year of her alternative course, she wanted a career that offered more patient interaction so decided to pursue her original choice of Pharmacy.

"I had to attend an interview day for Pharmacy, which I passed, and on results day I got a First in my first year exams and transferred course," she said.


Zeinab with the cake she made to raise money for charity

Now in her second year of Pharmacy, Zeinab finds it challenging but enjoyable. She is also building a variety of skills as a Peer Mentor, Brand Ambassador and representative of the Leicester Pharmaceutical Student's Association.

She said: "A friend in the year above always helped me so I like to help other students achieve what they really want.

"As a member of the student society I have to make announcements in class. It was hard at first but now I'm getting more confident speaking in public. Being a Brand Ambassador also enhances my confidence skills.

"You meet different kinds of people at DMU and I will get different patients all the time, so this will also prepare me for my future role."

Posted on Friday 13th April 2018

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