Face your Footprint!: A taste of Carbon Literacy

Campus centre 2.01
17/03/2022 (15:30-16:30)

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This interactive and accessible workshop will provide a short taster of Carbon Literacy Training, through an engaging mixture of discussion, quizzes and short presentations. 'Carbon Literacy Training' (CLT) aims to develop understanding of the causes of climate changes, what contributes to carbon footprints and provide inspiration to empower people to take action to address the climate crisis, within their own lives and where they work, study or live.

The full one-day CLT is offered by DMU to its staff and students and is also available for businesses and citizens in the wider community; this session offers an engaging taste of what the training addresses, covering many of the key concepts. The session will be run by opening up a timetabled class for Masters Students on the Leading Change for Sustainability module to members of the public. This module enables students to develop skills to support pro-environmental behaviour change and has been running ‘open classes’ annually for five years.

After this event, DMU students on the module will build upon the session to reflect on the effectiveness of the session for supporting pro-environmental behaviour change, contributing to the learning objectives of their module. Public attendees and DMU staff members will be eligible to join a full accredited Carbon Literacy Training session run by DMU shortly after this event.

Places can be booked up to one hour before the event. Registrants will receive a confirmation up to 24 hours before the event.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the Events Office, eventsoffice@dmu.ac.uk.


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