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Vehicle Parking & Cycle Policy


De Montfort University is committed to the principles of sustainable development and protecting the environment, above and beyond our legal obligations. In order to accomplish this, we need to manage our transport needs to minimise harmful emissions.

The university will:

  • Act to avoid unnecessary journeys, encouraging the use wherever practical of teleconferencing
  • Where journeys are necessary, promote the use of the most sustainable form of transport practical, supporting walking, cycling and the use of public transport and shuttle buses (where available) for transport between sites
  • Where cars are the most practical form of transport available for a particular journey, seek to use them as efficiently as possible, by encouraging multiple occupancy of vehicles and avoiding duplication of journeys
  • Where vehicles are hired, leased or purchased by the university, favour the use of small, efficient, low-emission engines, including where possible electric vehicles

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Transport options and information for STAFF


Transport options and information for STUDENTS

Planning Your Journey to DMU

Visit the Choose How You Move website for travel information in Leicester and Leicestershire. Explore the possible options now and see what a difference it could make to your travel around the county.

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Car Parking Policy

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Postcodes within the Campus Exclusion Zone

Please note: as postcodes are often added to the map, this list may not be exhaustive. DMU reserves the right to exclude applications from postcodes not on the list if it is clear that they are within the two-mile radius from campus. The final decision on any query will lie with the Executive Director of Estates & Commercial Services.

Green impact

Greener travel is a key part of our Green Impact project.