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Customer notices


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Sauna re-opening

We will be re-opening our Sauna during Lane Swim & Public swim times. As with the pool & gym, the Sauna will be bookable on the app and online booking system for 30 minute sessions. Booking the Sauna will also allow a space for the pool during that time.

Upon entering the building, you will need to report to reception to collect your booking receipt, which you will need to produce to the lifeguard on duty before entering the Sauna. Please make sure you use the spray bottles provided before and after use, and towels MUST be taken in with you to sit on. You must leave the Sauna at the designated time to allow the next bookees to enter.

£4 fine for non-attendance of bookings

Due to limited spaces available for bookings, from Tuesday June 1st, any non-attendance for a booking without cancelling, with incur a £4 charge on your account.

To confirm attendance you must swipe your access card/band at reception and allow turnstiles to open for you. You also need to use your card/band on your activity area (Gym, pool, class studio). Failure to swipe your band will not register your attendance.

Cancelling a booking can be done as easy as making it, in the app.

If you do receive an error message when trying to cancel, you can email us at to confirm your cancellation, or call us. If you do call us, please ensure you leave a voicemail confirming your name & booking time.

Cancel via email -
Cancel via phone - 0116 250 6400


Covid-19 Reopening Measures

We want to ensure that all of our users feel safe when coming back to the facility, and in doing so we have had to make sure certain social distancing measures and capacity levels are in place to meet recommended guidelines set out by the appropriate governing bodies and university policies.

Please watch the following video before using the gym for the first time:

Our staff in the fitness suite will be operating an enhanced cleaning policy and undertaking regular spot checks to make sure equipment is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. We ask our customers help maintain these high standards by using the cleaning products provided before and after using equipment.

Changes to expect as a gym user:

  • No spotting- Please refrain from lifting heavy weights that require a spotter
  • Towel usage- Wipe yourself with your towel, not the equipment
  • Please wipe equipment down before and after use with cleaning products provided
  • Limits of 30 minutes on cardio equipment
  • Train alone, not in pairs/groups
  • No sharing equipment between sets
  • Booking is mandatory to use the gym, and most sessions are 90 minutes long
  • Some equipment will be placed out of use to abide with social distancing measures

Our midweek time slots for gym users will be as follows:


Weekend times will be starting and ending sooner due to the shorter opening hours:



Please note that these times may slightly alter depending on suitability for customers and staffing provisions. Safety for our users will take priority over session availability and if this is compromised we will be making adaptations to these times where required.

Please take it easy on your first few visits and make sure you have thoroughly warmed up before exercising. Listen to your body and don't overexert yourself.


Bank Holiday closures

The Leisure Centre will be closed on the following days for Bank Holiday:

Monday 3rd May 2021

Monday 31st May 2021

Monday 30th august 2021

Leisure Centre app

The Leisure Centre now has an app that allows members to manage their own bookings, receive push notifications and keep up to date with the latest centre news. We have launched the app for our members to download and start using. 

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Search 'DMU Leisure' on Android or iPhone app stores.

  2. Download the free App and open.

  3. Type in 'DMU' in th search option to find our Centre.

  4. Select 'My Bookings' to log in to your account.

Once you are logged in you will be able to manage your bookings and keep up to date with latest news and information at the centre. 

Free training app

Technogym mywellness app is free for all our members to use. Discover how your daily activities keep you fit and healthy by tracking everything you do, wherever you go. Available for Apple Appstore and Google play store.