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Dr Jethro Shell

Job: VC2020 Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Computing, Engineering and Media

School/department: School of Computer Science and Informatics

Research group(s): Centre for Computational Intelligence (CCI)

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH, UK

T: 44 (0)116 207 8520



Personal profile

Whilst working for Panasonic Computer Products (Europe), Dr Shell completed a part time MSc in Information Technology at De Montfort University, finishing his studies in 2008. Following a 10 year career with Panasonic, he left industry to return to academia completing a PhD at De Montfort University. The focus of his PhD was on sparse data environments where the ability to gain labelled data is initially either extremely difficult or impossible. Environments such as extremely remote locations, ad-hoc structures or user groups that are very specific. These environments often also produce uncertain and vague data. To address these issues he constructed a framework that combined a fuzzy logic representation of the data with a transductive transfer learning approach.

Dr Shell has been a Principal Investigator (PI) on a number of internal and externally funded (including Horizon2020) projects that involve the application of Computational Intelligence (CI) and gaming applications.

The research interests of Dr Shell are focussed around the application of Computational Intelligence, specifically fuzzy logic and transfer learning across and within three main areas: gaming, healthcare and HCI.

He is currently a senior lecturer and researcher in Games and Information Systems at De Montfort University

Research group affiliations

Centre for Computational Intelligence (CCI)

De Montfort University Games And interactive MEdia Research (DMU:GAMER)

Research interests/expertise

  • Computational intelligence
  • Computer game AI
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Transfer learning
  • Dynamic content generation
  • Medical applications of CI
  • Human computer interface
  • Sensors
  • Virtual reality

Areas of teaching

  • Game design
  • Mobile games
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Games projects
  • UML
  • Game AI
  • Physics


  • MSc
  • PhD

Courses taught

  • IMAT1606: Game Architecture, Design and Development
  • IMAT2608: Mobile Games
  • IMAT2800: Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence For Simulation
  • IMAT3406: Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Based Systems
  • IMAT3451: Computing Project

Externally funded research grants information

3D-TuneIn: H2020 project to produce digital games applied to hearing aids to address social inclusion, 01 June 2015 to 31 May 2018, Principal Investigator (Imperial College, University of Nottingham, Vianet, Reactify, University of Malaga)

Internally funded research project information

INNATE: HEIF Project to detect and predict nocturnal seizures using non-invasive techniques, 6 Jan - 01 June 2016, Principal Investigator.

Professional esteem indicators

  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Jan 2014, current, reviewer
  • Sensors, March 2014, current, reviewer
  • IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, Oct 2016, current, reviewer