Dr Jessica (Yannan) Jin

Job: Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

School/department: School of Allied Health Sciences

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH, United Kingdom

T: 0116 257 7471

E: jessica.jin@dmu.ac.uk

W: http://dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

I am the Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and the Programme Leader of BSc (Hons) Nutrition at De Montfort University.  I am also the Registered Nutritionist (with specialism in Nutrition Science) in the UK.

My research interests and expertise lie in the areas of applied nutrition, public health nutrition (PHN) and food systems. Under the theme of PHN and food systems, my research and scholarly activities focus on extending, transforming and applying knowledge to tackle the rising crisis of climate change, food insecurity and challenging health issues particularly malnutrition (under- and overnutrition) and its related complications across different populations (age, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic characteristics), at local, national and international levels. The research work conducted thus far features multi-disciplinary, mixed methodological (quantitative and qualitative) and public-involvement-centred approaches. The research outcomes have contributed to the development of policies and strategies on preventing child malnutritional issues in the UK and overseas such as certain African countries.

Apart from PHN research, my scholarship activities focus on transferring my knowledge and expertise in food innovation and food policy into commercial exploitation in the UK and overseas to help solve the rising food insecurity and malnutritional issue globally.

My research interests and expertise in applied nutrition fall under cardiometabolic diseases particularly cardiovascular disease and type-II diabetes (T2DM) and lipoedema (a rare fat disorder disease). The research goal is to seek nutritional and adjunctive solutions to improving the health conditions and life-quality of patients carrying those conditions. Patient-centred and personalised approach drives the continual development of my research around this area.

My teaching covers the areas of fundamental aspects of nutrition and public health nutrition, global health, metabolic nutrition, nutrition epidemiology and clinical nutrition particularly evidence-based practice in disease prevention and management. The programmes I am teaching on include BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Medical Science BMedSci (Hons), MSc Global Health and Physician Associate Studies MSc.

Beyond teaching and research, I am also looking into further building Knowledge Transfer Partnership projects with industries using my expertise in food and nutritional product development and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-featured modelling of nutritional management concepts established from the past work experiences gained in food and AI-centred industries in both the UK and overseas.

Research group affiliations

Institute for Allied Health Sciences Research

Publications and outputs

  • Frumence G & Jin Y, Bakari S, Kasangala A, Angelo M and Ochieng B (In proof, 2023). A qualitative exploration on socio-cultural and economic factors contributing to under-nutrition among under-fives in the Southern and Southern West highlands of Tanzania. International Journal of Public Health.
  • Johnson H, Cook S, Jin Y* (Accepted 2023). Sensory perception of food and its influence on snacking behaviours among adults residing in the UK. Curr Dev Nutr.
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  • Khan S, Johnston S, Agbanusi L, Plater J, Jin Y* (Accepted 2023). An investigation into the nutritional profile of school lunches served among school pupils at the City of Leicester, UK. Curr Dev Nutr.
  • Jin Y (Accepted 2023). An insight into the determinants of takeaway food consumption based on the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey between 2016 and 2019. Curr Dev Nutr.
  •  Jin Y* and Arroo R (2023) The protective effects of flavonoids and carotenoids against diabetic complications – a review of in vivo evidence. Front. Nutr. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2023.1020950.
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  • Jin Y and Arroo RRJ (2020). Application of dietary supplements in the prevention of type 2 diabetes-related cardiovascular complications. Phytochem Rev. 20, 181–209.
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  • Jin Y, Gordon MH, Alimbetov D, Chong MF, George TW, Spencer JPE,et al.(2015). OC38: Introduction of plasma vitamin C and Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power into a combined biomarker with plasma carotenoids increases the association with fruit and vegetable intake. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (2015), 74 (OCE1), E38.
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  • Jin Y, Alimbetov D, George T, Gordon MH and Lovegrove JA (2011). A randomised trial to investigate the effects of acute consumption of a blackcurrant juice drink on markers of vascular reactivity and bioavailability of anthocyanins in human subjects. Eur J Clin Nutr 65(7):849-56.
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Research interests/expertise

  • Applied nutrition (prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, type-II diabetes, and lipoedema)
  • Public health nutrition and global health
  • Psychosocial determinants of eating behaviours
  • Food systems, food insecurity and policy
  • Natural plant-based foods and food product innovation 

Areas of teaching

  • Public health nutrition and global health
  • Foundamental aspects of nutrition
  • Clinical nutrition (nutrition and diseases)
  • Nutrition and metabolism
  • Nutritional biochemistry
  • Nutrition and genetics
  • Food systems and food policy


  • BSc (Hons) Food Science (University of Reading)
  • PhD in Human Nutritional Sciences (University of Reading)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Educations (Liverpool Hope University)

Courses taught

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Medical Science BMedSci (Hons), MSc Global Health and Physician Associate Studies MSc.

Honours and awards

Nominated for the ‘UN SDG Impact of the Year for Staff Award’ for my research, teaching and extra-curricular activities delivered at De Montfort University and wider communities at Leicester

Awarded the Climate Change Awards 2022 / Climate Action Engagement Champion by De Montfort University in partnership with UN in December 2022

Awarded an opportunity to present a nutrition-themed event at Dubai-Expo 2020 on behalf of De Montfort University. Awarding body: Department for International Trade, UK.

Awarded the top prize in the ‘Antioxidants in Food-from Science to Shelf’ poster competition by Society of Chemical Industry in November 2009

Membership of external committees

Board member of Lipoedema UK

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Full Registered Nutritionist (with specialism in Nutrition Science) certified by the Association for Nutrition in the UK (Nov 2013 to present)
  • Member of American Society for Nutrition (May 2020 – present)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK (November 2016 – present)
  • Full Membership with the Nutrition Society in the UK (2012 – 2017)
  • Full Membership with Euro-FIR, Belgium (April 2019 – 2021) 

Professional licences and certificates

Registered Nutritionist certified by the Association for Nutrition (code: 7189)

Current research students

  • Hana Hussain, PhD student, First Supervisor

Externally funded research grants information


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