Sam Bamkin

Job: Visiting Lecturer in Intercultural Communication

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: Hugh Aston, De Montfort University, Leicester, LE1 9BH.

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Personal profile

Sam Bamkin is Visiting Lecturer in Intercultural Communication, continuing to teach communication in business and professional contexts in the Leicester Castle Business School (2013-present). Currently based at the Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo, he was previously Senior Lecturer in Education at De Montfort University (2013-2018) and Visiting Research Scholar in the Curriculum Research Center at Tokyo Gakugei University (2018-2020). 

Sam is broadly interested in learning, culture and policy from practical and comparative perspectives. On the BA Education Studies, he led modules in radical educations and language learning; and established the module Global Comparative Education, supervising regular field trips to study educational settings in Japan. He wrote numerous modules on the MSc Intercultural Business Communication for Leicester Castle Business School, where he continues to teach, with some dissertation supervision.

Sam has developed a programme of research on moral education in Japan and elsewhere, focusing specifically on recent curriculum reforms in Japan and England. Whilst based in Japan, Sam additionally lectures on moral education, cross-cultural ethics, anthropology of education, and ethnographic methodology in research on education policy. 

Research group affiliations

Research interests/expertise

Japanese education; moral education; comparative education (East Asia, UK); Democratic educations; innovative teaching and learning; epistemology; critical theory; Japanese and East Asian perspectives.  

Areas of teaching

  • Key Skills for International Communication (MSc Intercultural Business Communication) Founding lead.
  • Intercultural Communication in Practice (MSc). Founding lead.
  • Dissertation (MSc) Supervision in Intercultural Business Communication

Intercultural Communication modules draws on experience and theory in business contexts to consider approaches to professional and business communication in a world increasingly characterised by diversity of sectors, interests, technologies, ages, religions, languages and regions.

Dissertation supervision is a particular joy. The best dissertation supervisions work as a partnership, allowing strong interdisciplinary currents to emerge to match individual student’s interests or areas of research. 


CertHE, BA (First Class), LLM, MA, CF, FRSA, SFHEA

Sam currently holds degrees in computing, theatre, law, legal practice, linguistics and education. He is a Churchill Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Courses taught

Current teaching

  • LCBS5043 Key Skills for International Communication (MSc Intercultural Business Communication) Founded, led and taught since 2013. 
  • LCBS5044 Intercultural Communication in Practice (MSc). Founded, led and taught since 2013. 
  • LBPGS5017 Dissertation (MSc) supervision in Intercultural Business Communication since 2012. Topics include: cross-cultural ethics, migration and integration, regional regeneration strategy, private/public sector cooperation.

Previous teaching

  • EDUC 3315: Radical Education (BA Education Studies). Led and taught 2012-2017.
  • EDUC 2327: Global Comparative Education (BA). Founded, led and taught 2014-2017.
  • EDUC 3304: Dissertation (BA). Supervision in language education and comparative education since 2012. Led 2013-15. Topics include: Japanese education, moral education, home-schooling, teaching English as a second language.
  • EDUC 3326: Placement (BA) supervision 2012-13.
  • EDUC 2223: Young Learners and EAL (BA). Led and taught 2013-15
  • EDUC 5023: Dissertation (MA Education Practice) supervision in education Practice 2012-15

Membership of professional associations and societies

Honourable Society of the Inner Temple (2008 - )
Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) (2011 - )
Higher Education Academy (2012 - )

Asia Studies Development Programme Alumni Assoc (2014 - )
Churchill Fellowship (2015 - )

Sam Bamkin