Dr Susan Barton

Job: Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Faculty: Arts, Design and Humanities

School/department: School of Humanities

Research group(s): International Centre for Sports History and Culture

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, UK, LE1 9BH

T: n/a

E: ICSHC@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk/sportshistory

Social Media: twitter.com/ICSHC


Personal profile

Dr Susan Barton is an honorary research fellow in the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University in Leicester. She has a wide range of interests in social history and her publications include work on the knitted textile industry, working-class tourism, the British seaside, package holidays in Spain, sport and learning disability, tourism development in Switzerland and winter sports. Susan has been involved in various broadcast media productions including television appearances in BBC4’s British Passions on Film: getting away from it all in 2012, BBC 1’s Coast in 2011 and The One Show in 2010. She has also taken part in many radio programmes including Making History for BBC Radio 4. Her current projects include investigating the Winter Olympics up to 1948 and their sporting and touristic legacies, co-authoring and editing a four volume set of source texts on the history of tourism in Britain to be completed early in 2014 and events commemorating the 150th anniversary of Thomas Cook’s first Swiss tour with Switzerland Tourism.  

Key research outputs

Lawrence Linnell (1870-1957): Leicester’s Winter Sport ChampionLeicestershire Historian, No. 48, 2012

Bobsleighing, Skeleton, Luge,in Sports around the World -History, Culture, and Practice edited by John Nauright and Charles Parrish, ABC-CLIO, 2012

Vernacular Erections:Lincolnshire coastal development and conservation before 1940Recording Leisure Lives: Holidays and Tourism in 20th Century Britain, edited by Robert Snape and Helen Pussard, Leisure Studies Association, 2011

Learning Disability, Sport and Legacy: A Report by the Legacy Research Group on the Special Olympics GB National Summer Games, Leicester 2009, (with Neil Carter, Richard Holt and John Williams), 2011

The Role of Sledging in the Development of Winter Sports in SwizerlandWinter Sport and Outdoor Life, Morgedal, Norway, 2011

Creating resort identities and loyalties among British communities in Switzerland, 1870-1914Recording Leisure Lives: Sports, Games and Pastimes in 20th Century Britain, ed Robert Snape and Helen Pussard, Leisure Studies Association, 2010.

A Sporting Chance: the history of Special Olympics GB, Special Olympics Leicester, June 2009

Healthy Living in the Alps: sanatoria and the origins of winter sports tourism in Switzerland, 1860-1914, Manchester University Press, November 2008

Why Should Working Men Visit the Exhibition? - Workers and the Great Exhibition and the Ethos of Industrialisation, in The Golden Age, edited by Jeffrey Hill, Ian Inkster et al, Ashgate, 2000

Holidays before 1950, New Perspective, Sempringham Press, 2007

The working class and the development of popular tourism, Manchester University Press, February 2005 (reissued in paperback, March 2011)

Package holidays to Spain in the 1950s and 1960sThe Hospitality Review, 2004

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The Mechanics’ Institutes - Pioneers of Leisure and Excursion TravelTransactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society, Volume LXVII

Research interests/expertise

Susan’s major research topic is the social and economic history of the leisure and tourism industry, particularly popular culture and tourism in Switzerland, Spain and England. She has also worked on a wide range of themes in English social, industrial and cultural history between the late 18th and late 20th centuries. A current project is a study of the Winter Olympic Games and winter sports tourism up to and including the 1948 event in St Moritz. She is also compiling and commenting on in a series of essays, a set of four volumes of source texts on the history of tourism in Britain. This is a joint effort with Allan Brodie of English Heritage and it should be completed early in 2014.


  • PhD from De Montfort University
  • MSc Computing
  • BA(Hons) Combined Arts
  • Cert Ed

Forthcoming events

As it’s the 150th anniversary of Thomas Cook’s first tour to Switzerland in 1863, Susan is working with Switzerland Tourism on events to commemorate and celebrate 150 years of popular Swiss tourism.  On this theme, she is organising a panel of speakers on Swiss outdoor sports and tourism for the European Rural History Organisation’s conference in Bern in August 2013.

Conference attendance

Making Space for Athletes with Learning Disabilities: the case of the Special Olympics, Health in History, Anglo-American Conference, London, June 2011

The Role of Sledging in the Development of Winter Sports in Swizerland, Winter Sport and Outdoor Life Conference, Bo in Telemark, Norway, February 2011

Vernacular Erections: Holiday homes and beach huts on the Lincolnshire coast and the Lindsey County Council Sandhills Act, Recording Leisure Lives, Bolton 2010, Keynote Speaker

Technology transfer in Swiss Tourism, Transfer of Technology Forum, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, November 2009

Happy Days, Holiday Homes, Health Hazards and Heritage: the impact of visitors on the Lincolnshire Coast of Eastern England before 1940, Resorting to the Coast, Blackpool, June 2009

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The Great Exhibition and Travel for the Masses - International Symposium on the Crowd, de Montfort University, Leicester, June 1996

Dr Susan Barton