Dr Emily Baines

Job: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Arts, Design and Humanities

School/department: School of Design

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 257 7417

E: ebaines@dmu.ac.uk

W: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/design


Personal profile

Dr Emily Baines is Programme Leader of MA Design Innovation, supporting the development of innovative product development and business strategy in all areas of design. She is a design historian by training, teaching museum and heritage interpretation, corporate strategy and industry analysis, museum marketing, material culture theory and sustainable design strategy.

Research group affiliations

  • Digital Building Heritage
  • Design and New Product Development

Key research outputs

Co-organised the Textile Society ‘Rewind: Textile Sustainability and Recycling’ conference and exhibition at De Montfort University in 26th – 28th November 2010 and gave a paper ‘A Sustainable Textile and Fashion Industry?’. Abstract available at http://dmu.academia.edu/EmilyBaines 

Family Firms, Innovation and Networks: the Interwar British Printed Textile Industry at ‘Business History after Chandler’ conference, Association of Business Historians, University of Birmingham, 4th-5th July 2008. Abstract available at http://dmu.academia.edu/EmilyBaines 

Advertising Strategies in the Interwar British Printed Textile Industry at IEHC Helsinki 2006 (International Economic History Conference) in Session 53: Cultural/ Cross-Cultural Advertising and Promotion: the Nexus of Media, Culture and Economics, University of Helsinki, 20th-25th August 2006. http://www.helsinki.fi/iehc2006/sessions41_80.html

‘Innovation and Fashion Leadership: Studio Design in the Interwar Printed Textiles Industry’, TEXT, Vol. 31, 2003-4, pp40-43. Abstract available at http://dmu.academia.edu/EmilyBaines 

‘Design and the Formation of Taste in the British Printed Textiles Industry, 1919-1940’, PhD, De Montfort University, 2002. http://openlibrary.org/books/OL18813359M/Design_and_the_formation_of_taste_in_the_British_printed_calico_industry_1919_to_1940

Research interests/expertise

  • Digital heritage/ heritage interpretation
  • Industry analysis and the influence of industry structure on innovation
  • Corporate strategy, competences and value structure
  • The formation of taste and knowledge paradigms
  • Semiotics and the communication of meaning within material culture
  • Sustainable design and corporate sustainability strategy
  • Modernism in the British textiles industry
  • West African export printed textiles

Areas of teaching

Current teaching:
MA teaching: Project supervision of fashion and textiles MA Design Innovation pathway students. Marketing strategy, corporate strategy and industry analysis in MADE 5002 Marketing for the Creative Entrepreneur; material culture theory, semiotics, virtuality, craft, identity and taste in MADI 5103 Design Cultures: Theories and Approaches; introduction to sustainable design and inclusive design in MADI 5401/4 Creative Design Studio; research methodology workshops for design students on MADI 5700 Research Methodology; creative workshops in MADI 5403 Action Research Laboratory; product, corporate and system sustainability in MADI 5205 Sustainable Design; museum marketing in MADI 5206 Museum and Exhibition Design; dissertation and project development in MADI 5702/3/4 Major Project.

Undergraduate teaching: Design history from c100BC to the present in DESP 1075 Manufacturing Technology and Culture for first year product and furniture designers. Sustainable design, inclusive design, product development strategy and marketing, corporate identity, innovation strategy, semiotics, cultural identity, gender and subculture identity in DESP 2075 Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Culture for first year product and furniture designers. Textile history 1900-1940 to first year textiles designers.

Previous teaching:
Module leader of HAMC 1014 Sources and Methods: Design and Society (1st year module for all design students: c450 students/ semester; supervision of 9 seminar tutors); HAMC 1005 Introduction to Approaches, Theory and Methods: Material Culture; HAMC 3305 Contemporary Crafts (2nd year module), HAMC 3105 Cultural Identity (3rd year theory module), HAMC 3029 The Country House and Issues in Design History (MA module). Lectures on ‘Innovation and the Avant-garde’, ‘Sustainability in Design’, ‘Technological Determinism’, ‘Industrial and Political Structures’, Vernacular and DIY Design’, ‘British and French Town Planning 1600-1820’, ‘18th C. British Landscape Design’, ‘18th C. British Design’, ‘High Victorian Design’, ‘The Aesthetic Movement’, ‘Vienna Secession’, ‘Edwardian Architecture’, ‘American Design in the Interwar Period’, ‘French Design in the Interwar Period’, ‘British Design 1920-50’ and ‘The Ideal Home’ for other modules.


PhD, BA (Hons.) First Class in Art and Design History

Courses taught

  • Design Innovation MA 
  • Product and Furniture Design BA (Hons) 
  • Product Design BA (Hons) 
  • Textile Design BA (Hons) 

Current research students

  • Chloe/ I-Chun Hsiao  FT, International, First Supervisor
  • Hanan Al-Faisel FT, First Supervisor
  • Frederica Begeman PT, First Supervisor
  • Ohud Alharbi FT, First Supervisor
  • Rafat Madani FT, Second Supervisor
  • Elham Alharbi, FT, First Supervisor
  • Jennifer Wilson, PT, Second Supervisor

Internally funded research project information

‘Heritage Augmented Reality Investigation’ RIF project Round 3, to establish a Roman Leicester phone app with geographical positioning of 3D virtual artefacts from archaeological excavations and reconstructions of buildings, working with Jewry Wall Museum, September 2011-July 2012: Co-worker in project.

Professional esteem indicators

Joint editor of Textile Society journal TEXT September 2008 to October 2010. The November 2009 issue was themed on cross-cultural interaction and influence, focusing on textile design interactions between Britain/ Japan and Japan/ Britain; Britain/ India, Italy/ China and Italy/ Morocco. Reviewed Riello, G. & Parthasathi, P. (eds.) The Spinning World: A Global History of Cotton Textiles, 1200-1850, Oxford University Press. 

Newsletter editor of Textile Society, 2003-5 (journal and newsletter goes to c500 academic institutions and individuals, mainly British but some international). Reviews of: David M. Wilson The Bayeux Tapestry, Thames & Hudson, 2004 (Autumn 2004); B. & W. Armstrong, The Arts and Crafts Movement in the North West of England: a Handbook, Oblong, May 2005 (Summer 2005).
Dr Emily Baines

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