Dense Phase Flow - Pipe System

When considering powder flow in different pharmaceutical processes, it must be recognised that a number of different powder flow regimes can arise from the interaction of the powder with the process mechanisms. Therefore, it is prudent that the EPF sensor is integrated into different flow regimes, with the interests in the potential development of the technology as a universal process-analytical tool.

A simple pipe system was developed in order to achieve a dense phase flow regime. This system comprises a 100mm x 20mm pipe and is fitted with smaller version of the EPF sensor that that used for the industrial scale pipe. The pipe is filled with powder which is allowed to fall under gravity; the rate of which is controlled using a series of flow regulators. An electronic balance is installed beneath the pipe to capture the mass flow behaviour. 

Dense Phase diagram


Fig 1. Schematic of the pipe, EPF and balance experimental system.

a dense phase

b nozzles

c Small Sensor

a) Dense phase powder flow

b) Mass flow regulators

c) Smaller EPF

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