Our shared commitment to keeping each other safe


At DMU, our staff and students have a shared responsibility for ensuring that our campus is safe for us to enjoy.

We are all committed to working together, exercising personal responsibility and positively co-operating to make sure our environment is as safe as it can be, and an inclusive and successful community. To do this we will:

  • Respect each other and take reasonable care - for ourselves and for those who use our campus who may be affected by our acts or omissions
  • Keep each other safe by abiding by any current COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, including, for example, wearing face coverings when expected and able to do so
  • Respect our differences including acknowledging that wearing face masks is not possible for all
  • Act in a way that enriches our own educational experiences and that of others
  • Feel empowered to resist peer pressure and reject behaviours that are not in keeping with our values or relevant COVID-19 guidelines, but only when it is safe to do so  
  • Commit to a considerate way of working that enables shared use of space in accordance with university and other relevant health and safety requirements
  • Follow our own codes of conduct (staff and student), including observing health and safety policies

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The university commits to:

  • Comply with current UK Government guidance, creating and updating all relevant information and risk assessments
  • Put in place social distancing measures appropriate to the space, such as one-way systems and screens
  • Provide hand sanitisers
  • Provide and use the right type of protective equipment in specialist areas, and give suitable instruction depending on the space
  • Provide guidance and support on how to ensure personal safety, especially for those in more vulnerable groups
  • Clean our premises regularly
  • Ensure our staff and students are aware of their responsibilities and make clear the consequences for not meeting them
  • Listen to your concerns if you see something that you think is wrong
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