Tips for new students

Read your information 

There is a lot to learn about your new university and much of that information can be found in the booklets that are sent to you.

Attend Welcome/Fresher's Week Events

This is a great time to meet and socialise with other new students at DMU. It's also a chance to join clubs and societies which is a great way to meet like minded people, and gives you a chance to find out more about your university and your Union.

Try not to get overwhelmed

It's easy to be stressed by living in a new environment away from home and usual networks. Remember that you are surrounded by people in the same situation. Things do settle after the first weeks; there are quieter things to do and people to talk to.

Keep an open mind

You will be meeting other students from different parts of the UK and the world. Remember that we are all different and that is exciting. People may speak, act, dress and believe different things from you, embrace it! 

Ask questions

You are never going to know unless you ask. Welcome/Fresher's Week is a great time to ask questions of staff and students. Do not be afraid to ask questions, they were new, too, at some point. If you want to know, the chances are, others will, too.


Go to your local shops, walk around nearby streets, who knows what kind of things you'll find!


Leave time to find your classes before they start. Also remember to turn off your mobile phone during class times.

People to help

There are people all over that are willing to help; look for the Welcome Crew, Student Ambassadors and Fresher's reps who can answer any questions you have or talk to you about any problems you are facing. They can also help you to get involved and tell you what’s going on during the week. The Welcome Crew are here to support new students settle in at University.

Get involved

The best way to meet new people is by getting involved. Attend events or join a club/society. Smaller events can be useful for the times you may feel like chatting rather than partying.

Drinking at events

Keep in mind that there are a lot of fun alcohol-free events during Welcome/Fresher's Week.

Fees and funding
Fees and funding

Find out what financial help you can access during your studies at DMU.

Come to an Open Day target area
Come to an Open Day

Don't let us tell you how good we are. Come to one of our Open Days and find out for yourself!

Discover the DMU campus
Discover the DMU campus

Take a look around DMU by exploring our virtual campus.