Personal tutor scheme

All DMU undergraduate and postgraduate students have a designated Personal Tutor throughout their programme. From the moment they join the university, students are encouraged to build a relationship with their Personal Tutor who, along with specialist services, as appropriate (e.g. The Student Gateway, Library and Learning Services, Student Advice Centres) will support and guide students in their journey to fulfil their academic potential and to achieve their academic and personal development goals.

Personal tutors will:

  1. Be proactive in engaging with and arranging meetings/activities with tutees in accordance with the DMU Key Principles of Personal Tutor Practice.

  2. Meet with first year students during induction week1 and with continuing students during the first three weeks of their return to study.

  3. Monitor tutees’ attendance and engagement with their programme of study and with personal tutoring activity through systematic use of information about students’ overall progress, including attendance records and academic performance profiles.

  4. Provide regular opportunities for personal development planning in relation to tutees’ academic progress.

  5. Support personal development planning by promoting reflective learning and ensuring that tutees can review their own progress against action plans.

  6. Be familiar with the university’s range of specialist services (e.g. CLaSS, Student Welfare…) and refer tutees consistently and, as appropriate, to another individual or service for specialist support or guidance.

  7. Keep reliable records using university systems which are available.

  8. Undertake all DMU mandatory training for Personal Tutors and engage with other training or development opportunities, as appropriate, to enhance personal tutoring at DMU.

  9. Advise the Programme Leader of any programme-related issues highlighted in tutorials, having regard for confidentiality in relation to individual tutees.

[1] If it is not possible for a personal tutor to meet with his/her tutees during induction week, arrangements should be made to do so as soon as possible and within the first three weeks of term 1.