Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science BSc (Hons) Modules

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

Year 1

In the first year you will be introduced to the key concepts in pharmaceutical and cosmetic science alongside some fundamentals in analytical techniques and biology.

  • Professional Portfolio 1 – This module is the first in a series of non-credit bearing modules which is based on a professional portfolio preparing you to take ownership of your continuous personal and professional development. This module will have you to develop and put into practise quantitative and mathematical skills including scientific calculations and manipulating mathematical and scientific equations.
  • Core Concepts in Pharmaceutical Sciences – This module is designed to introduce you to the fundamental principles of organic, inorganic, physical and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as giving you practical experience in essential laboratory skills.
  • Core Concepts in Cosmetic Sciences – This module will focus on fundamental principles in cosmetic science, specifically on core physiology of various body parts associated with cosmetic products and personal care products, key classes of ingredients, colour theory and fragrances.
  • Analytical Techniques – This module is practical based and has been specifically designed to introduce you to an array of analytical techniques and methodologies used in both pharmaceutical and cosmetic science.
  • Cell and Systems Biology – Here, you will become familiar with various principles of cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology with regards to pharmaceutical and cosmetic science.

Year 2

In the second year, you will build on the knowledge and skills gained in the first year. This year focuses on the design, formulation and manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Professional Portfolio 2 - This module is the second in a series of non-credit bearing modules which is based on a professional portfolio preparing you to take ownership of your continuous personal and professional development. You will be encouraged to self-reflect based on assessment feedback and you will be able to identify specific professional needs in preparation for the optional placement year and/or future employment.
  • Pharmaceutical Formulation – This module will equip you the sound knowledge and practical skills to successfully formulate pharmaceutical products with a focus on material function and characteristics. You will be taught about powder technology and the formulation of various dosage forms such as suspensions and emulsions.
  • Cosmetic Formulation – Here you will be introduced to different types of cosmetic and personal care products with a specific emphasis on formulation. You will become well-versed in the formulation of common cosmetic products supported by a programme of extensive laboratory practical sessions.
  • Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products – This module builds on preceding pharmaceutic-based modules and will give you a greater understanding of various unit operation in the manufacture and development of pharmaceutical products including packaging, scale up manufacture and product stability.
  • Design, Manufacture and Evaluation of Cosmetic Products – This module outlines the technical aspects of cosmetic product design. You will be able to apply the knowledge underpinning cosmetic science and formulation from previous modules onto product design and evaluation.

Industrial Placement Year (Optional) 

You may take an optional industrial placement year following your second year on the course.

Year 3

In your final year, you will be introduced to more specialist topics in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic arenas. You will be completing the concept-to-consumer arc of knowledge which underpins the programme; focussing on personalised medicines and drug delivery with a specific focus on responsible innovation and social responsibility.

  • Professional Portfolio 3 - This module is the final non-credit bearing module in a series of professional development modules which is based on a professional portfolio preparing you to take ownership of your continuous personal and professional development. You will be able to reflect on your progression and focus on your preparation for graduation and your career following graduation.
  • Drug Design and Biopharmaceuticals - This module has been designed to focus on different approaches to drug design and discovery, including concepts of “drugability” and “druglikeness”. Computer-aided drug design, cheminformatics, modelling and using biological molecules as therapy will be a key focus here too.
  • Personalised Medicine and Drug Delivery – This module aims to underpin material science and biopharmaceutics theory to understand and address challenges associated with pharmaceutical formulation, drug delivery and personalised medicine. There will be a specific emphasis on drug delivery by various routes of administration.
  • Responsible Innovation in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science - This module will encompass regulatory requirements, marketing and management aspects of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry whilst focussing on sustainability in product development and the social responsibilities of these industries.
  • Research Project – This module will provide you the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge and skills you have gained over the course of the degree. You will conduct an independent research project in a topic area related to pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic science allowing you to develop a practical understanding of research methods and techniques whilst appreciating the multidisciplinary nature of the degree.