Healthcare Science Audiology BSc (Hons) Modules

First year

  • Professional Healthcare Science Practice 1 - building the underpinning knowledge, and accompanying skills and attitudes to work as a healthcare science practitioner
  • Medical Sciences: introducing general and specialised human anatomy and physiology which underpins the more specialised teaching in year’s two and three
  • Scientific Basis of Healthcare Science - providing a strong foundation in the relevant mathematics and statistical methods, and the basic concepts found in general physical sciences
  • Physics for Clinical Measurement: providing a background to the concepts of instrumentation used in the neurosensory sciences, together with an appreciation of the physical principles that underpin these concepts and measurements
  • Neurosensory Physiology and Pathophysiology - developing an understanding of the overall structures and organisation of the nervous system
  • Clinical Measurement and Treatment and Work-based Learning - start of audiological practice

second year

  • Auditory Science 1 – psychophysical and psychophysics of hearing and perceptual effects of hearing loss
  • Adult Aural Rehabilitation 1 – patient centred approach, implications of hearing loss on significant others, including communication.  The use of technology to support the needs of hearing impaired patients
  • Applied Physiological Measurement and Instrumentation - principles and applications of a wide range of physiological techniques
  • Research Methods - application of research, statistical methods and analysis, and data presentation

Third year

  • Professional Healthcare Science Practice 2 – exploration of the wider health and social care agenda
  • Auditory Science 2 – in-depth understanding of the procedures used in objective hearing assessment
  • Adult Aural Rehabilitation 2 – psychosocial implications of hearing loss. Public health concerns related to demography, prevalence all within a cultural, socioeconomic background.
  • Paediatric Audiology – current practice of paediatric assessment and management.
  • Balance Science - this module is designed to develop clinical skills in the assessment and management of dizzy patients.

Final Year Project - this module provides students with the opportunity to carry out an in-depth research project. 

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