Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

Year 1

Year 1 provides students with the fundamental framework of biomedical science in human health.  

Professional & Practical Skills  

An introduction to clinical lab skills, from benchwork, to professionally analysing and communicating your findings.  

Chemistry & Biochemistry  

Starting at a molecular level, this module examines the basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry that apply to healthcare, such as genetics and mechanisms behind diagnostic tests.  

Anatomy & Physiology  

Building on the molecular knowledge, this module covers the basics of key organ systems and relevance in human health and disease.  


Microbiology goes beyond human cells, and starts to cover bacterial and viral cells, covering global infectious disease.  

Year 2

Building on the topics from first year, in second year students start to appreciate the deeper complexities of biomedical science, exploring state-of-the-art research techniques and the role of biomedical science in diagnosis, preventing, and treating disease.  

Genetics & Molecular Pathology  

This module will integrate genetics and genomic into the context of human health, laboratory techniques, and inheritance.  

Emerging Techniques  

Introducing the principles, operation, and application of research and diagnostic techniques essential for biomedical research and diagnostics.  

Organ Systems Physiology  

Building on from the Anatomy & Physiology module, students will further explore diagnostic tests and organ systems, focusing on disease states.  

Human Health & Immunity  

Combining an introduction to immunobiology and inflammatory processes and disorders, this module develops students understanding of a number of disease processes and therapeutic approaches.

Optional Sandwich Placement Year

Students may apply for a supervised placement in a clinical, industry, or research laboratory, to gain valuable work experience, or (clinical labs only) to complete their IBMS training portfolio to become eligible for later HCPC registration.

Year 3

In third year, modules are designed in line with the clinical specialties of biomedical science laboratories, allowing students to combine and apply their knowledge with real-world relevance.  

Research Projects  

Pursuing a topic of their interest, students will be supported to design and conduct their own research project, generating, interpreting, and presenting their research.  

Blood Science  

Students will apply biochemistry and cell physiology to the diagnosis and monitoring of blood related disorders and disease.  

Infection & Immunity Sciences  

Covering microbiology, public health, and the immune system, students study the related diagnostic techniques and therapeutic strategies employed in this field.  

Cell Sciences  

Giving students an appreciation of clinical genetics and cellular pathology, this module will develop students’ understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in underlying disease processes.