Engineering Management MSc module details

Core modules

Critical Management in a Global Context

Introduces you to the historical roots of management, organisation and innovation and provides a portfolio of ideas that will allow you to gaina deep insight into the theoretical underpinnings of management and organisations. This module will encourage you to think critically and independently about contemporary issues related to the management of organisations

Management of Information Systems

Investigates the context, strategies and processes involved in managing information systems within an organisation. The module covers a wide range of topics, including the analysis of the systems used in organisations, procurement and implementation, strategies for evaluation of systems as well as analysis of value, benefit and purpose of information systems and risk management

Project Management

Considers the scope and definition of a project, its significance as an instrument of change and the roles and responsibilities of people within it. Organisational issues are explored and a range of project management tools are critically evaluated for the execution, management and control of project management throughout all its phases. In order to develop an understanding of the skills, responsibilities and authority of project management personnel, you will work on a real-world scenario

Low Impact Manufacturing

Iintroduces you to the concept of an industrial system linking different types of industry, including raw material processing, manufacturing and waste processing, that combine to satisfy consumer demand. It explains the ways in which energy and resource use can be identified at each stage of a product lifecycle and how the associated environmental impacts can be identified and mitigated

People Management and Organisation

Provides you with the skills to conduct and critically analyse organisational development, including its consequences on human resource management. Core approaches and tools are reviewed through the evolution of an organisation. The relevant theoretical principles and models of change management, human resources management and organisational behaviour are considered and applied in a practical management context using case studies and real-life examples.

Research Methods

Introduces the fundamental elements of research methods in an engineering context. The module will prepare you for the individual research project/dissertation through undertaking lectures, seminars and assignments that introduce and develop the concepts, organisational structure and deliverables of a research project


You will undertake an individual piece of independent research that will link your technical specialism with a core aspect of the course.

Optional modules

Sustainable Development

This module is concerned with the key concepts of sustainable development, sustainability and their application to the energy sector issues. It presents relevant definitions, indicators and various dimensions (social, ecological and economic) and related sustainability concepts.

Resource Efficient Design

The aim of this module is to provide students with a grounded understanding of resource efficient design in both industrial and non-industrial contexts. Design will be seen to relate to both product and process while resource efficiency will be interpreted as the ability to design out waste and design in the efficient use of natural resources.

Sustainable Energy

This module starts with an introduction to energy in its many forms, units used and a brief history. It then describes the sources of energy, and how they are exploited with a wide range of technologies.

Engineering Business Environment

The aim of this module is to enable students to understand and reflect upon the role of business in a rapidly changing, globalised world. In particular it aims to identify the opportunities and threats for an industrial business arising from environmental policy, legislation and societal change

E-Commerce Systems

This module enables students to develop a conceptual understanding of the management and support of e-commerce information systems within an organisation. E-commerce is taken to cover both externally focussed systems and internal, Intranet-based information providing systems

Computer Systems and Networks

This module covers the fundamentals of computer systems and computer networks and focuses on current ICT technologies for businesses and end-users.

Optional placement

You may have the opportunity to undertake your individual project in industry, working alongside managers and engineers to solve real engineering management problems.