Cyber Security module details

Foundations of Cyber Security

Covers four broad topic areas: programming, operating systems, encryption and networks. This module prepares the ground for other more tightly focused modules covering closely related topics.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Develops your ability to reason about threats to cyber security, in particular, understanding the strengths and limitations of methods to produce actionable intelligence.

Host and Network Security

Introduces the conceptual framework of hardware and software layers within a computer and common vulnerabilities and threats.

Penetration Testing and Incident Response

Provides you with the knowledge and insight to what hackers may do, how to probe systems for exploitable vulnerabilities and how to react appropriately when an incident occurs.

Cyber Engineering

Introduces you to the core electronic and communication engineering concepts and devices that constitute the physical part of the cyber domain. The aim of this module is to make you aware of the physical constraints on systems and devices

Digital Forensics Principles and Practice

Provides you with the knowledge and understanding of how to preserve the evidential value of any digital artefacts that are relevant to the incident, then interpret them

Malware Analysis

Introduces you to the principles, tools and techniques used to reverse engineer binaries, including how to avoid anti reversing traps

Legal, Ethical and Professional Practice

Provides an insight into the ethical and professional context of cyber security, and in doing so addresses the theory of professionals in organisations; security management; project management; the legal framework; ethical issues in professional practice and their resolution; and the legal, moral and professional responsibilities of the computer forensic and security practitioner.

MSc Cyber Security Project/Dissertation

Opportunity to carry out a self-managed, in-depth study involving design, fact finding, analysis, synthesis and integration of complex ideas that are sometimes based on incomplete and contractor data or requirements.