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Gastroenterology and Hepatology

This module explores specialist knowledge, practice and attitudes that underpin enhancing gastroenterology and liver disease by promoting assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation resulting in the enhancement of health care.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically review the underpinning evidence relating to gastroenterology and liver disease
  • Critically review the development and critically evaluate clinical practice / professional accountability in gastroenterology and liver disease
  • Reflect upon values, attitudes and beliefs in the delivery of gastroenterology and liver disease

Entry Criteria

  • Effective registration with the NMC / HPC or other relevant professional body. ESSENTIAL
  • Undertaken successful level 4/5 academic study. ESSENTIAL
  • Currently be employed in practice and have the support of their manager in undertaking the module. ESSENTIAL

How to apply

Online Application Forms and Guidance Information

Key information

Module Category: PCPH
Module Code: 3019
Module Credits: 30
Module Level: 6

Module leader



Semester 2


Learning Beyond registration contract