Social Justice

Module code: LLBP 3002

Module description

Social Justice is about how law can protect vulnerable people, promote equality and prevent injustice. How can law make a difference for people living with homelessness or overcrowded, unhealthy housing conditions? How can the law help people overcome obstacles to accessing education or health care, in the UK or other countries? When people have poorer access to education or health care because they have disabilities or belong to a minority group, can the law intervene?

During one term, we will investigate the second generation of human rights: economic, social and cultural rights. We'll see how the courts apply these rights in the UK and other countries. We will consider the extent to which the European Convention on Human Rights can support claims to rights to education, health care and housing. We will also take into account the experiences of other countries such as India and South Africa and consider whether their experiences provide a way forward for the UK. During the other term, we will focus on the right to housing, exploring how the law responds to issues such as homelessness, poor housing conditions, unlawful eviction, harassment and anti-social behaviour.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Seminars: 44 hours


  • Research Essay 40%
  • Online assessment 60%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books