Managerial Development and Control

Module code: ACFI 3213

Module description

This module will cover a series of themes, which together lead to effective strategic management and the proper development of an organisation within a strategic environment in dynamic times.

ACFI3213 will examine the strategic management process, including the financial outcomes of the process, to develop and deliver a strategy.

This module has a significant hands-on element to allow students to put theory into practice. Tutorials will predominantly be based around organisational case studies and scenarios that present many of the managerial and strategic issues seen by businesses in the real world. The module assignment requires students to build a business case, including the financial case, for a significant investment in a young business. This allows students to utilise the strategic management skills gained from the ACFI3213 module and also put their accounting skills into action through the production of the main financial statements.

The ACFI3213 examination will test both the academic evaluation and practical application of the syllabus content with part of the examination based upon a pre-seen case study and part on stand-alone academic questions.

The ACFI3213 module can provide a good grounding for students in preparation for the CIMA E3 and ACCA P3 professional examination papers.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 20 hours
  • Tutorials: 20 hours
  • Presentation: 1 hour of business plan for assignment


  • Business plan (group) (3000 words): 60%
  • Presentation 5 minutes per group member (4 group members = 20 minutes): 40%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books

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